Raised in the construction industry from a young age at 14 taken to work with my father and uncle. I was raised in a family of carpenters and always knew my future is the residential construction industry. In addition to it all, I love learning hence pursuing a civil engineering degree majoring in construction and graduation with honours at the University of Technology Sydney. My learning hasn’t stopped since, but rather accelerated during my building career, building over 100 homes and multiple high-end renovations valued over $1 million.

Building to me is more than just a job. Teachers educate the young and students preparing them for the real world and giving them the tools to shape their own futures. As a builder, I’m creating an environment where families can create their home. To me, I pride myself in providing quality that we will both be proud of and most importantly coordinating efficiently to meet your needs. My pride comes from knowing I have played a role in your family’s home that will inevitably influence your family’s future. I love what I do and will do my very best to create the home you have intended for your family.

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