Tranquil Bathrooms for a Century-old Home in Bunnythorpe, Manawatu

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From cold and dated to warm and modern, these bathrooms underwent complete renovations, resulting in much more comfortable and functional space.

From cold and dated to warm and modern, these bathrooms underwent complete renovations, resulting in much more comfortable and functional spaces.

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Getting Started

William, the owner of this century-old home, was ready to give the bathrooms a fresh look. While the interiors weren’t entirely stuck in the 1910s (the year of build), they had still aged in appearance and functionality. 
For expert assistance, William reached out to Renovation Consultant Wayne Gordon, who ended up leading the project from design to build. During their initial consultation, William discussed his main goals – one being to warm up both rooms as they’d become cold and draughty. After the renovation, the bathrooms would ideally be much more comfortable and healthy environments.
Once they had a concept in mind, Wayne helped William through the design phase. He hadn’t prepared a budget but was keen to see how much it would cost to achieve all the improvements on his list. So Wayne had a complete conceptual design created before evaluating the costs. 
Happy with the cost estimate, William gave Wayne the green light to get the final designs drawn up. Altogether, the cost to renovate both bathrooms came in just over $71,000.

The Construction Phase

Getting the project underway, Wayne’s renovation team reframed the old, damaged walls and poorly fitted insulation, giving the bathrooms a solid framework to build on. From there, the plumbers and electricians needed to work closely together to accommodate William’s solar-powered hot water system. Its uncommon pressure setup posed a challenge. However, with a bit of research, the team devised the best approach for working with the system. 
Despite having a handful of tradespeople on-site to complete the build, Wayne remained the single point of contact for William, so he never had to worry about who to call.

Tranquil Bathrooms Interiors

The main bathroom and ensuite’s renovated interiors share the same fixtures and fittings, establishing a cohesive design for the home.  
One of the most significant upgrades is the introduction of underfloor heating. While both bathrooms had their insulation updated, the heated flooring is a more noticeable addition and provides a touch of luxury.
Fresh white walls and overhead lighting above the floating vanities have entirely brightened up each room; all the while, sand-coloured tiling creates a tranquil atmosphere. The beautiful tiles play a significant part in transforming the bathrooms and have been used to make a statement out of the new shower and bathtub. While the bathtub seemingly sinks into the ground, the shower’s frameless build draws attention to the tiled base.
Beyond appearance, the shower and bathtub each have excellent functional features. For the shower, dual showerheads provide an ultimately relaxing experience. And as for the bathtub, recessed shelving and a built-in shower head make it all the more practical to use.
Supplies used in the bathroom renovations include premium building materials, fixtures, and fittings from Mitre10.

Final Thoughts

With careful attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, Wayne and his renovation team successfully transformed these bathrooms into warm, modern spaces. 
William is thrilled with the renovation’s results and happy to have had professional project management throughout the process. Under Wayne’s watch, this project ran smoothly and delivered beautifully renovated bathrooms, completed to an excellent standard.

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This project was completed in
October 2021
Project description
A main bathroom and ensuite renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
3 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Unusual pressure set-up from solar water-heater
Interesting aspects
Sand-coloured tiling and a built-in showerhead for the bathtub.
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Wayne Gordon is Director, Operations Manager & Renovation Consultant of Radian Group Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Manawatu.

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