A Look At The Top Interior Design Trends For 2023

Lets dive into the top interior design trends for 2023!

2023 home design trends

As we leave 2022 behind us, we start to look to the year ahead and see what is going to be trending in the interior design space in 2023. Each year styles and aesthetics change, and it can be hard keeping up with what is on trend and what is stuck in the past, but fear not as we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting and innovative interior design ideas ready to drop in 2023. 
Whether you are just looking for a quick home makeover or a renovation of a style you feel has worn out its welcome in 2022, check out this article to see the must-have styles for the coming year. 

Decorate With Objects Of Meaning

The past few decades have seen a trend for the new, the modern and the fashionable. As we have spend the past couple of years at home more and more due to coronavirus, it has helped people to rediscover who they are, and build attachments to things which are personal to them. 
Due to this, in 2023 we can expect to see more people decorating their homes with objects which are meaningful to them, and not just something off-the-shelf that twenty thousand other people have in their homes from a chain store. 
Think antiques which hold sentimental value that can bring back lots of happy memories, such as a favourite vase belonging to a passed relative. It can even be things which are personal to you, for example if you have a love of a certain animal, then pillows and throws, and even images of it may feature more heavily as people seek to surround themselves with object which reflect who they are, their likes, their interests and their desires. 

More Wine On Show

No longer are wines set to be hidden away in a dark and dusty basement, but 2023 we believe will see wine bottle collections coming into the main living spaces. Kitchens are of course the ideal place for wine shelves, however it is not uncommon for wines and other alcoholic beverages to be displayed in a more fashionable way these days. Jeff Andrews predicts that wine bottles are going to make their way away from wine cellars and into fabulous ‘art installation’ pieces that are not only eye-catching but serve a functional purpose too. 
Of course, everyone’s taste in wine is different, so maybe you’re looking to incorporate some intriguing metalwork with your bottles of Merlot and Shiraz, or opt for a light beech or ash colour wood to complement the tones of Chardonnays and Pinot Grigios.

Marble-ous Kitchens

Marble comes in such a wide variety of styles and colours that expressing yourself and your tastes with this medium has never been easier. Whether you are looking for flecks of sparkle on a dark and moody black marble surface, or want subtle veins of pink running across a cream background, marble is the ultimate must-have for 2023 kitchens. 
Having this natural material in your home really makes it feel exclusive and adapted to you, as no two pieces of marble are ever the same. You don’t just have to have it on your countertops, but you can extend the look to splashback and accent tiling too for unique look nobody else has. 

The Return Of Raw Materials And Softened Lines

Modern architecture and interior design for over 30 years has been dominated by those clean straight lines we’ve all come to know and love. The clinical and white lines create a sense of perfection wherever they are placed, however the new year is set to see a return of organic shapes and curved or rough lines. These echo comfort rather than pure minimalism, and speak of our desire to have a space in which we can relax, where everything blends together nicely instead of defined sectioning of furniture. 
Interior designer Elad Yifrach says this can be achieved with natural materials such as rocks which do not conform to straight lines, but provide a level of ‘visual complexity’ as you couple straight edges of televisions, doors and windows with undulating lines. This can be achieved using porcelain and other glazed objects to soften those harsh edges not often created in the natural world. 

Bigger And Bolder Kitchen Islands

There’s nothing quite like gathering in the kitchen to discuss family member’s days at work or at school. The kitchen is increasingly becoming a top hangout space for families, whether it’s just grabbing a snack in the evening, cooking together or eating in the adjoining dining space. But islands are now becoming more prominent in homes wanting to create a large central space to sit at and have family discussions in this more open space.
We predict that islands are going to get bigger and better, and double islands are even becoming popular choices for kitchens with the space to accommodate them. Islands are not only ideal for that extra food preparation space, but also for supporting larger gatherings of people, be it family or guests. 

Taking Coffee Out Of The Kitchen

A coffee machine is traditionally found in the kitchen with all of the other appliances related to food and drink, however as our love of the black liquid enhances year on year, it’s going to be more common to see such appliances anywhere but the kitchen. 
With so many styles on offer and the compact nature of coffee pods, coffee making is going to extend out of the kitchen into rooms like home offices for those WFH on a more permanent basis, or even on a bedroom dresser so you can enjoy it first thing in the morning without setting foot in the kitchen. This is a luxury that lots of homes can now afford to do to give that caffeine boost where and when it is needed. 

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