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interior design for bedrooms

Refreshing your bedroom space can really transform the way you feel about the room and can change your daily routines for the better. Your sleeping space should be a sanctuary and kept as exclusively for getting ready and a good night’s kip as you can manage, but this isn’t always realistic. The good news is that you don’t need a full refit to make your bedrooms feel brand new; and working with one of the following interior design trends may just be enough to give yours the refresh it needs.

Hollywood Glamour

A bold and dramatic interior décor theme growing popularity is retro Hollywood glamour. Dark hues and luxe materials such as velvet reinforce comfort while helping integrate a ‘black-out’ feeling that instils calm and is ideal for a decent night’s kip. While it may sound expensive and high-end, such a theme can be created with a mix of vintage pieces and those sourced from junkyards, antique emporiums and even charity shops. 

Colour Contrast

No matter what hues you’re choosing for your bedroom, contrast can play a huge part in the overall aesthetic production of the space. Paint the room from floor-to-ceiling in one colour and use another on the furniture and fixtures within. This creates a really effective and striking look without going overboard on patterns or designs and works well to not overpower. Ideally, your walls should be the lighter of the two shades and items within the darker.

Warming Hues

Rising energy bills are a worry for homeowners the country but there’s lots that can be integrated into the interior design of a bedroom to help protect you and keep you toasty. Introduce lots of soft furnishings; cushions, throws, blankets; and consider painting the walls of the room a warming shade such as an orange, yellow or red. Thicker curtains can help reinforce the dark needed for sleep and keep cool windows from becoming drafty. Duvets that can be ‘popped apart’ to add in additional layers can be bought on the high street and radiator foil to reflect unused heat back into the room is widely available online.

Black and White

A neutral colour scheme often underestimated in its power is basic black and white. Delicate motifs and soft textures can help prevent the space from feeling too bold, but the lack of colour should help the brain unwind and relax ready for some rest. If you’d like to add a ‘pop’ of colour, stick to something warm such as orange rather than a cooler hue.

Scandinavian Hygge

The concept of ‘hygge’ is a Danish interior design that describes the mood of coziness and ‘comfortable conviviality’ with contentment and mental wellness. In design terms, this is the integration of warm woods, sleek lines and white infuse to create a calming Scandinavian style. Introduce chunky knitted throws and cushions, low lighting (fairy lights and/or candles) and neutral shades to promote a feeling of cozy relaxation.


Keeping a restrained colour palette with pare furnishings for the essentials can work well to help keep the mind undistracted in its pursuit of rest within the bedroom. Clean lines and the balance of elements also works well with those looking for a positive feng shui approach to the bedroom. When taking on a minimalist interior, consider: what do you really need to be out on display? Everything that isn’t fundamental to the purpose of the room can be placed into storages so remains hidden yet still accessible as required. 


While beautiful art tends to hang in the common areas of the home so that it can be appreciated by all of those who use it, the bedroom can too make a great place to display a favourite. A large picture, painting or portrait can be hung on the wall or a simple block of colour painted on – but ensure it’s over the bed to avoid drawing your eye as you’re trying to rest. Keep furniture understated so as to keep the art as a focal point. Similarly, if your bedroom has an unusual architectural feature, let the eye draw to it naturally by keeping other decoration minimal.

Coastal Chic

Imbue seaside hotel vibes by combining relaxed furniture pieces with warm woods and coastal blue shades. Second-hand wooden furniture works perfectly for this aesthetic, and adding in cosy armchairs and plump bedding helps reinforce a little luxury. You’ll feel as though you’re on holiday without having to travel anywhere at all! The darker hues of the wood will warm the room through.

Break Tradition with Eclectic Decor

Traditional bedrooms designs tend to focus on a relaxed, neutral theme that is thought to promote a feeling of calm and tranquillity; conducive, of course, to the relaxation you need to get the appropriate amount of rest. However, this just doesn’t fit with everyone’s personal style, and nor should it! If you’re more at home in a bold, busy environment then you don’t need to compromise on your own tastes. Layer different pieces from different provenances and periods and link them with a strict colour palette for cohesion. If more conventional neutrals don’t work for you then don’t stick with them just because it’s the ‘done thing’; do what works for you.

The Bottom Line on Bedrooms

Ideally, your bedroom should be as uncomplicated and relaxing as possible – but this means something different to everyone. If you can, studies show that avoiding screentime in the bedroom and building in a self-care routine before bed every night can help promote healthier REM cycles and better quality sleep. Consider too, no matter which interior design you opt for, including a houseplant to boost air quality (and maybe include watering it as part of the aforementioned nightly routine!). 
Your bedroom should be somewhere you love, so take the time to make it so. Your life – consciously and subconsciously – will benefit!

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