Soft Furnishing Top Tips

Quick fix soft furnishing ideas to totally transform your living space.

A bedroom showcasing lots of soft furnishing ideas

Once a home renovation is completed, the shopping fun begins! It can be the most exciting part of the process, finding the perfect finishing touches to really make your home improvement stand out. 
Refresh Renovations have pulled together a selection of quick fix soft furnishing ideas; perfect to spruce up any living space or add the finishing touch to your newly completed renovation. Any of these straightforward home improvement ideas can be tackled in one day but the results will be so effective, it’ll look as though it has taken some time to pull off. And when time or budget are limited, it can be the quickest and easiest solution to instantly transform an area.
A living room showing soft furnishings


Throw pillows are the quickest and easiest way to freshen up a bedroom or living space. Adding cushions of a new colour, design pattern or shape can instantly transform a space and give it a fresh new look and feel.


For bedrooms that need to be fit for a princess or for sectioning off some chillout space. Canopies add a decadence to what is essentially a very practical piece of soft furnishing. Whether you want a quiet reading space, a Bridgerton style bedroom or a childrens princess corner, a canopy can be a great addition to any room. 
A sheepskin rug and cushions

Add some sheepskin

For any area of your home that is lacking in warmth, texture or comfort, sheepskin throws can be a quick fix solution. Cost effective and easy to move around your living spaces as and when you feel the need or are in the mood for a change.  

Seasonal soft furnishings 

Swap out accents and features for the upcoming season. Adding burnt orange shades, deep reds or mustard yellows are perfect to welcome autumn into your home or opt for full-on arctic tundra with an assortment of frosty hues, or create a cozy winter respite with shades of cinnamon, chocolate and tan-like tones to envelop your home in warmth.

Introduce a new throw or blanket

A great way to try out a new colour scheme before fully committing to change, is to introduce a new throw or blanket. A colourful throw on the end of a bed or casually hung over a sofa arm can quickly and easily transform a room’s design.
A living room with many soft furnishings


A rug has the ability to create a design statement, soften a wood floor, or freshen up a lived-in carpet so is a brilliant starting point to transform your home. For an eclectic look with a difference, layer rugs in varying colors, prints, and textures to add visual interest to your floor.


Bedding is another great way to introduce change to your living space seasonally. In winter, you want warm and inviting bedding, like faux fur and bulky blankets. Linen and cotton are the best bedding fabrics to keep hot sleepers cool on summer nights.

Window treatments

Windows are one of the most crucial yet overlooked factors that can make or break the look of a room. If you’re looking to add some glam to an otherwise dull environment, roman blinds can instantly give your place a make-over lift as it brings out the personality of your home and has the power to enhance your interior appeal.

Colourful curtains

As well as adding style to your home, curtains have many functional benefits as well, controlling light levels and glare, adding warmth in the cooler months and improving privacy. New curtains will spruce up any room and a pop of bright colour will showcase your personality.

Something unique

Give your soft furnishings a really fun makeover! Add a pom-pom or fringe trim to existing curtains, throws, pillows, or lampshades. Pick a trim color that pops against the other shades in your space for maximum impact.

Stylish stair runners

Stairs are often the first thing you see when you walk in a house, so with the addition of a smart and stylish stair runner, shabby and tired treads will instantly get a new refreshed look.

Recover a fabulous piece of furniture

If you have a sentimental piece that you can’t bear to part with or a vintage sofa or sofa bed, some funky new fabric will give it the new lease of life it needs to take centre stage in your new home renovation.

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