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Refresh's team of renovation consultants can help you design and build the ideal roof extension.

A roof extension is an excellent way of creating new space. It allows you to add height and character to your home, and gives you several options depending on your specific needs. If you’re looking for roof extension ideas, take a look at all the roof extension services we offer below. Alternatively, if you already know what you want, get in touch with a local Refresh Renovations roof extension consultant.

Re-Roofing your Home

One of the most valuable renovations you can undertake on your home is a roof restoration, but only if it’s done correctly. Get the most out of your investment by trusting the roofing experts at Refresh. Whether there’s a small leaky patch or the entire roof is in a state of disrepair, we’ve got you covered.
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Roof Extensions

How best to extend a roof depends on the home’s existing roofing profile and what it is you want to achieve. From raising the ceiling height on the top floor, to adding a lateral extension to accompany additional floor space, or even a full roof replacement, our experienced roofing specialists can help and ensure your roof extension project is stress-free.
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House Roofing

Slate, terracotta, iron, or wood, our roofing specialists are well-versed in all the options available and are here to make your roof renovation a breeze. If your preference is for a speciality solution like solar shingles or sustainable roofing material, we can offer professional advice on that too and guide you towards the best selection for your property.
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First Floor Extension

Many modern homes have relatively low pitch hipped roofs which do not leave much room for a loft or storage. Here, Refresh can help you either build a loft extension within the existing roof space, or completely remove the existing roof and replace it with a new first floor, depending on your wants and needs.
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Hipped Roof Extension

A hip roof often has several pitched sides extending down from a ridge at the apex. Hipped roofs are extremely sturdy and reliable, and tend to keep you shaded from the summer heat. Refresh can help you design and build a hipped roof extension. Simply get in touch to get started.
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Gable End Roof

In a gable end roof extension, you add both a new roof as well as a first-floor extension. Here, the pitch is higher and the hips are changed to gable ends which creates a great deal of new floor area upstairs. This extension is also extremely aesthetically pleasing.
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Reconfiguring Roof Space

Another way to create additional space is by simply reconfiguring your existing roof design. Our expert renovation designers and builders can take care of every step of your roof reconfiguration to your unique specifications.
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Gable End Dormers

Dormers can easily blend in with your home’s existing design and can significantly increase the available floor area of your home. Reach out to a renovations specialist today to discuss if a gable end dormer is the ideal solution for your roof extension.
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First Floor Over Ground Floor Roof Extension

You can create additional space upstairs by extending the first floor of your home over the ground floor. Refresh can help you achieve this by extending the first floor beyond the existing external wall, creating a covered patio and entrance porch which significantly increases the floor area of the room above.
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Pitched Roof Extension

A pitched roof allows you extra height without appearing boxy or imposing. It can be designed to match the existing aesthetic of your house, while transforming it from its previous look. These angled ceilings can create space for attractive fresh windows and additional glazing as well.
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Contrasting Roof Extensions

If your goal is to create contrast with your room, instead of trying to blend the extension with the rest of your home, our Refresh renovation specialists can help you achieve your desired look.
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Flat Roof Extension

Flat roofs do not have to be completely horizontal and can be at any incline you choose. They are easy to install and provide additional functionality such as the ability to add solar panels or air conditioning on your roof. Some homeowners even choose to create an additional living space up there! Refresh can help you create the ideal flat roof to match your wants and needs.
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Skillion Roof Extensions

A skillion roof has a single sharp incline that is often added over porches and sheds. It is extremely popular in the modern architectural landscape as they are cost effective and relatively easy to construct, while allowing for water run-off and giving you space for adding skylights or additional storage solutions in the attic. Our Refresh renovation specialists can work with you to ensure we create a roof that achieves your desired result.
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Glazed Roof Extensions

Built from an expanse of glass, glazed roofs are an excellent way of flooding your extension with natural light and create a sun-room type space. These sections can be used for a second kitchen, studio, or even a home office.
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Gambrel Roof Extension

​Although a gambrel style roof is most commonly associated with barns, they are also used in residential constructions when homeowners want to create an abundance of space in their attic. The amount of space provided here can allow you to create an extra bedroom or living area!
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Twin Gable Roof Extensions

If you are looking to create an architectural beauty of a home, one of the ways to do so is by a pair of twin gables on either side of your home. This can help you create enough space for a new floor while helping your home’s street appeal.
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Garden Roof Extension

Perhaps the most modern roof design of them all is the green roof, which allows homeowners to create a garden on their roof. Valued for being environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, green roofs are becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners that are looking to stand out.
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