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Any real estate expert will tell you first impressions count. A tired exterior, including the roof, can significantly lower the value of a house, even when the interior is in tiptop condition.

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Any real estate expert will tell you first impressions count. A tired exterior, including the roof, can significantly lower the value of a house, even when the interior is in tiptop condition.
That's why many homeowners choose to begin a re-roofing project: to modernise and add value. Not to mention maintaining the basic health and appeal of their home.
Your roof is probably the most important part of your house, given it protects the whole building from extreme weather conditions. If your roof is old, it could be corroded or leaking and that can cause serious (and expensive) issues such as water damage or mold growth. These are also health hazards that come with an outdated roof, so it's important to maintain your home regularly. For all this, and even if you're just looking to modernise and change the look of your roof, Refresh is here to help.
Prevent more expensive fixes in the future by starting your re-roofing project now. We can help you re-roof your house safely and we can make sure your home will be protected for the next decades to come. We will take care of your project every step of the way and make sure it's delivered on time and within your budget!

Re-Roof Your House

The perfect roof for your home is more than just good looks and affordability. Environmental factors, materials, roof design, durability, and maintenance requirements all need to be considered. Getting all the elements right could save you thousands.  Get the team of renovation specialists for the best outcome and best price. We use either licensed building practitioners, master builders or certified builders for all projects.

Licensed Builders

At Refresh, we take care of all the Building Consents and mandatory requirements that are needed in order to proceed with any roofing project.  As an example for all roofing jobs, a scaffold or edge protection is mandatory. This can add a significant cost to the project so we make sure this cost is factored in upfront. Virtually all roofing-work now requires licensed professionals to carry out the installation.  If you are thinking about changing a roofline or an existing roofing product on your home, Refresh will also apply for a building consent on your behalf.

Metal Roofs

The traditional galvanized corrugated iron has been superceded by alloy-coated mild steel. It's lightweight, easy to install, and comes in a wide range of colours and profiles. It is usually considered the most cost-effective roofing option.  Metal roofing materials also come as pressed tiles made from G300 grade zinc/aluminium alloy-coated mild steel in a natural stone chip or a pre-painted finish, best suited for roof pitches over 10 degrees. Talk to the experts.

Membrane Roofs

Butyl rubber membranes are suitable only for 'flat roofs' (between one and 10 degrees). Membranes can also be used on curved roofs. They are lightweight, tensile, easy to repair and resistant to UV rays, ozone and weathering. Some products are 100 per cent recyclable thus environmentally friendly.  Butyl or the wider EPDM rubber is fitted in two sheets over a plywood or concrete substrate. They can be lap joined by rolling or 'welded' using hot air.  Torched-on bitumen products have elastic polymers and a fiberglass component for extra strength, are thicker and are joined with a naked flame leaving a seamless finish.

Concrete & Clay Roofs

Concrete and terracotta clay tiles are extremely durable, require less maintenance than most other roofing products and are conducive to all environments and steep pitched roofs over 10 degrees. A wide range of tile colours and profiles is available.  Concrete and clay do not rust, warp or corrode. They are impervious to frost and ice and can handle high winds. The thermal mass of concrete roofs will effectively reduce heat loss. The laps in a concrete tile roof allow the roof space to breathe so moisture can escape. They are naturally inert therefore any drinking water collected from them will not contain zinc or aluminium ions.

Slate Roofs

Slate tiles are hewn from actual stone. They have been used for centuries all over the world and as such have stood the test of time in saltwater locations and extreme temperatures. Slate roofing meets building code requirement in all corrosions zones. It provides good fire protection, is low maintenance, resistant to rot and insects and can last up to 400 years.  A lighter weight and cheaper alternative to slate is synthetic slate. It's made from 80 per cent post-industrial recycled rubber and plastics. Synthetic slate tiles are at least as strong and possibly more durable than traditional slate tiles. They meet the Class C fire resistance code and can sustain winds up to 160 kilometres per hour. They require a plywood substrate and are suitable for steeper pitches.

Copper Roofs

Like terracotta and slate, copper has an architectural legacy dating back hundreds of years. Properly installed copper meets the full building lifetime durability required by the Building Act. It's very strong and can withstand temperature extremes from minus 196 to 600 degrees Celsius. It will not melt, burn or give off toxic fumes in a house fire.  Copper, like zinc, aluminium and stainless steel, can be laid on roofs with pitches from 3 to 10 degrees depending on the profile, length and local conditions. As one of nature's trace elements it's 100 per cent recyclable and impermeable to contaminants from the external environment. Copper is also a natural inhibitor to bacterial growth and is essential to health and diet, so makes an ideal surface for tank water collection.

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt shingles are one of the fastest growing roofing choices on the market. They are made from fibreglass-reinforced asphalt with non-combustible fibres and a ceramic-coated metal or stone chip surface. Resistant to corrosion and rot, they can weather harsh conditions and are generally low maintenance. Some heavier weight shingles boast warranties of 25 plus years.  A 15 to 18 degree pitch is recommended as a minimum, but with special installation procedures they can be laid to pitches as low as 10 degrees. They are installed over a plywood substrate (with stainless nails and a bitumen based adhesive/sealant) and can be physically bent into shape to provide workable solutions for complex roof profiles.

Timber Roofs

Timber shakes and shingles are similar products cut from treated or naturally durable timbers. Shingles are tapered with relatively smooth front and back faces; shakes have a more textured, rustic surface than shingles. While most timber shakes and shingles are imported western red cedar, you can also get locally produced first grade ACQ-treated radiata pine products. Both provide low maintenance durability with low thermal and moisture movement properties.  Timber shakes and shingles may have a limited lifespan of between 7 and 10 years in damp conditions, but will last much longer in a drier climate. They can be laid on 18 degree or steeper pitches (25 to 30 degree pitches are best for effective water dispersion).

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