London bathroom renovation FAQs

London boasts an eclectic mix and match of houses and flats – along with many mishmash bathrooms that are more than ready for a makeover. Here are some frequently asked questions about renovating a bathroom in London.

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How much does a bathroom renovation in London cost?

Every bathroom renovation is different and a lot will come down to your preferences and the state of your current bathroom. Whether you are going for a basic, mid-level or high-end bathroom makeover, ensure that you do your research and shop around. You should also set aside a contingency budget of around 15-20 per cent to ensure that any unforeseen costs can be covered.

How can I keep the renovation costs down?

Moving plumbing points and electrical outlets is one of the main cost factors in a bathroom renovation, so if you can keep the layout of your bathroom roughly as it is, that will help you save money. However, changing the floor plan may be necessary to achieve the look and feel you are after. And depending on your property and current bathroom, extra structural or building work may be required. Other major cost influencers are building materials and bathroom fixtures. Opt for simple but good quality products that will stand the test of time. A good extractor fan is a must, and a suitable heating system is also worth the investment. 
Natural light coming through skylight into a renovated tidy bathroom

How can I make a small bathroom feel bigger?

Many bathrooms in London homes can be rather small and sometimes lack a source of natural light and ventilation. Keeping wall and tile colours light helps brighten up the space, along with the use of large mirrors and large panes of glass where they’re needed for showers. Bright task lighting that doesn’t cast shadows in crucial areas is also key to making the space feel as big and airy as possible. In addition, consider installing LED strip lights under the vanity to achieve a soft, atmospheric glow in your newly renovated bathroom.

What should I be aware of when renovating my bathroom in London?

Many older and larger homes have been converted into flats and often these were never intended to be self-contained units, so they will have had bathrooms and kitchens added at a later time. This can sometimes mean that the space and layout is somewhat awkward and unsuitable for a modern lifestyle. In many cases an adjustment of the floor plan or even an extension to the bathroom may be needed to achieve the desired look and feel. This is not always straightforward and requires careful planning, a clever design that makes the most of the space while at the same time conforming to all applicable building regulations, plus a team of dedicated and experienced renovation builders and tradespeople to ensure the final outcome is a success. 

What are the current trends in UK bathroom design?

Bathrooms are top of the list for many renovators in London and the rest of the United Kingdom. A double sink along with a his and hers set-up for towels et cetera is a hot ticket in the bathroom. If space doesn't permit this, a single ‘statement’ sink with interesting surfaces and luxury fittings is a great alternative. Where space is no issue, a freestanding bath is still an impressive show stopper. Many different bath styles are available, but it’s worth keeping in mind that stone baths are extremely heavy and may require extra building work to strengthen the floor. For smaller bathrooms, especially in a typical London flat, consider converting the room into a wetroom where the whole room is sealed and the shower doesn’t need to be screened off, thus maximising the available space. 

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