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Are you overwhelmed with renovation ideas and budget restrictions? Renovation specialist Carla Simmonds offers advice on overcoming doubt and getting started.

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Carla Simmonds from Refresh Renovations Franklin deals with homeowners with big renovation dreams day in and day out. In this article, she offers advice on overcoming doubt and getting started.
So, you’ve decided you want to update your bathroom, or maybe your kitchen, or perhaps both?

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Often one of the biggest hurdles people face with a renovation of any kind is just getting started. They either don’t know what they want, or they’re crippled with indecision for fear of getting it wrong.
In my job, I gain great satisfaction from helping people uncover the potential of their space, providing ideas that will be attractive and functional, and getting the show on the road!
“We’re just at the beginning stage of seeing what’s possible” or “We know we want to change things, but we just don’t know what changes to make!” or “We really want to get it right, but don’t know what to do” are all frequent statements I hear from people trying to kick-start a bathroom and/or kitchen renovation.

How do I start my renovation?

Budget Clarification

One of the first steps is helping everyone to gain clarity on budget. After all, there’s no point designing a $50,000 kitchen renovation, when the budget is more around the $20,000 mark. So, we get that sorted as a starter and then we’ve got a guideline for what’s possible.

Concepts & Ideas

Chatting through ideas and a wish list often follows and probably one of the most valuable assets that a professional Bathroom and Kitchen Consultant has, is specialist experience. We know what works, and what doesn’t. We have an accumulation of experience from past projects that we can call upon to provide you with ideas and insights, and we’re keeping an eye on design news to see what fabulous new products are being developed that may be helpful to our clients.
concept drawings of bathroom renovation

Project Managing your Renovation

At Refresh Renovations, we build to code, this means no shortcuts, no deviating from regulations, and no compromising on quality.
Project Management is our strength and puts us above the rest. Working off a cloud-based Project Management program enables us to effectively manage all the required trades coming and going. Our phones are kept busy as we ensure everyone is where they need to be and when, and we provide you with an online calendar, so you can see what’s happening, helping you to plan your day. Managing the renovation is our job, not your worry.
As exciting as your home renovation is for you, it is just as exciting for me! No renovation is the same and seeing your smiles at the completion of the project, is why I love what I do.
Our first discussion is free of charge, so give me a call and let’s get your renovation moving. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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