Fashion Flooring For 2021

Our guide to fashion flooring and the top floor trends for 2021.

Bathroom with patterned flooring.

2020 was a bit of a write-off for the flooring industry, as although people turned to home improvements, many thought floors would be too difficult to ‘DIY’ yet weren’t convinced they would want a tradesperson in their home for an extended period of time. 2021 is the ideal time to invest in new flooring and contribute toward the homely feel you deserve in your living spaces.
There are a few trends in flooring emerging through this year, and refreshingly, they’re all easy to stamp (pardon the pun) a personal twist on. The following are just seven of the key themes those in interior design are seeing – read on, and see if any of them may work for you!
A terracotta floor in a room.

Earthy Terracotta Tiles

The latest in Instagram interiors inspiration – terracotta! There are even hashtags and whole accounts dedicated to Mediterranean style tiles now, so if you’d like to bring some of the nostalgia from your last summer holiday into your home, this is your chance.
Long considered only the domain of Italian farmhouses and villas along the Med, there are now enough styles to suit all homes no matter their natural aesthetic. Reproduction tiles are now widely available and with options for interiors and exteriors, terracotta can add an earthy touch to just about any space. If it’s good enough for the ‘gram…

Floor Framing

Adding some architectural interest to a floor is easily done by laying out a pattern or differing tile direction, but framing is fast becoming the new next big thing in flooring.
Combination floor framing builds patterns around rooms designs, so there doesn’t need to just be edging along the walls. Patterns and borders can be built around large furniture and items and create a design for the room rather than just the interior furnishings sitting on top of it. This really gives a professional design feel to a space and curates aesthetics beautifully.

Engineered Hardwood

Ok, so engineered hardwood has always been popular as a premium option, but its prominence will continue to dominate through 2021. No floor is completely safe from the destruction of daily life, crazy kits and rabid pets, but engineered hardware is the closest you can get! 
The top layer of hardwood is almost entirely aesthetic and below is, plywood in alternating directions gives it its versatility and longstanding durability. Engineered hardwood lasts long-term, so the investment is worth it for anyone looking to stay where they are for years to come. There are a variety of finishes available in hardwood, and professional fitters will be able to advise of what may work best for your home.


Concrete isn’t often considered for homes other than down in the garage but there’s now many different forms of it available to suit other spaces. Nuanced applications, quality materials and ambitious designers all make for new fun with the grey stuff.
Concrete is ideal for wheelchair users and can be cleaned and polished with a low sheen for a smart look. Texture can be added with rugs, and the concrete itself can be stained to shift its hue. Solid floors can be contrasted against with bold shapes on walls and mix and match colours in furniture for a real arty style that’s as unique as you and your family.
A heavily patterned floor being laid.

Patterns In Tiles

The last few years have seen checked and decorative patterned tiles gain popularity along the likes of garden paths, porches and kitchen floors. 2021 will see tile creativity in the design of how they’re laid, rather than necessarily individual designs printed or painted on them.
A patterned tile that’s not a patterned tile can be laid in an unlimited amount of ways and there’s no one size-fits-all for any specific design. What’s more, it can be cheap and done with any tiles at all; provided you’re willing to get creative and try out something new. How bold or subtle the designs are depends on the tiles themselves, so can be toned up or toned down as desired. If you can think it, you can tile it!
A mid tone warm wood floor in a living room.

Mid-Tone Wood

Light shades of wood have been in fashion for many, many years and the darker hues have long been seen as a blast from heritage past. Cue: mid-tones of wood with warming blonde shades favoured over the Mrs Hinch white-grey that’s been so popular recently.
A more neutral wood with warm tones can still act as a foundation for colours and textures elsewhere and is versatile enough to be shaped into almost any aesthetic: rustic, farmhouse, chic and sleek or timeless and traditional. It will also last the test of time longer, as more extreme colours fluctuate in and out of vogue.

Unique Shapes

Designs in tiles are taking off but so too are unique shapes. Organic shapes and geometric patterns bring a fresh flavour to any interior, and we can expect to see more unusual shaped tiles on homeware shelves in the months to come.
Along with more unconventional shapes of tiles comes the opportunity for homeowners to get creative with grouting. Tiles, their shades and their shapes can be accentuated with various grout colours and contrasting shades can really make them stand out. If you are going to lay unusual tiles of this type yourself, be sure to have a design or layout in mind before you start – as otherwise you may find that it doesn’t work out post-purchase and waste your money on something that won’t fit your interior.
Flooring, unless you’re revamping a whole room, is often left unconsidered. Yet these foundations of our homes are hugely important and can really make or break the look and feel of a room. You needn’t change your furniture or furnishings when replacing a floor; that alone may shift things to a fresh feel. While you’re at it, why not consider underfloor heating options? Now a very low-cost option and a popular one with those looking for maximum energy efficiency, the possibilities really truly are endless.

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