Everything You Need To Consider When Designing A Mezzanine Bedroom

Find out everything you need to know about mezzanine bedrooms

Mezzanine bedroom

Creating a mezzanine bedroom is a great way to add an extra bedroom into a house with a vaulted space or high ceiling without the need for a costly and time-consuming (and often admin-heavy) extension. Adding in a floor where there isn’t one already splits a room and such designs are becoming increasingly popular in self build properties, barn conversions and within tall extensions.
But creating a mezzanine is not the same as just planning out a standard extension. So what may you need to consider? Let’s cover off the basics…

What is a Mezzanine?

A mezzanine is an intermediate level between two floors, providing a split space and a more flexible layout within a property. They can make a compact space feel more generous as there’s more functionality within, and when used for a bedroom adds to the overall bedrooms in the house; something which can vastly increase property value.

How much space is needed for a Mezzanine?

For a mezzanine bedroom, you’ll need to plan space usage carefully dependent on the intended occupancy of the room; as a double or king-sized bed will require considerably more room than a single or toddler-sized bed. 
Ideally, you’ll need a minimum head height of 2.1m for comfortable bypass underneath (unless you’re fairly tall, in which case you may need more!) and a minimum of 750mm around the bed space to walk around it.

Isn’t a Mezzanine too open-plan to suit a bedroom?

Bedrooms do require a degree of privacy and so a mezzanine floor for this kind of space may not be the preference of everyone. 
Complete acoustic separation from the other levels is usually not a possibility, but this may make it suited to a child’s bedroom if you need to be alerted by them in the night. Louvres and door separations can be included as long as they’re designed so as not to block adequate natural light or ventilation. Most homeowners looking to create a mezzanine bedroom either do so for a guest room which isn’t likely to be used often or install a glass wall to provide a degree of privacy.

Do you need planning permission to build a Mezzanine?

If the creation of a mezzanine floor only has impact on the interior of a property and it is not situated in a conservation area or holds listed status, planning permission will usually not be a requirement.
However, as with any addition or renovation internally, Building Regulations must be adhered to. These include specific guidance on fire safety standards, stair and balustrade rules and ventilation requirements. 

How high a ceiling do you need to have to install a Mezzanine?

Properties with double-height voids or vaulted ceilings are the most suited to the creation of mezzanine floors within, but there have been instances where homeowners and develops have knocked into the floor below to create the effect.
Ideally, the ground floor needs to remain at least double-height in space for comfort and then the mezzanine can be created to around a storey-and-a-half height within; but this is completely down to the preferences of the homeowner or developer.
If planning permission is required, the relevant authority will likely only accept certain ridge height works and may specify a preference.

Can a Mezzanine level be used for any other type of room?

Mezzanines can be used for just about any type of room and needn’t just be set aside for a bedroom. If you think of your mezzanine level as a kind of internal balcony, it could also be used as a storage space, a book nook, a cinema room or even a second reception area.
Rooms that require a lot of heavy weight bearing, such as home gyms, should be avoided in mezzanine structures.

What’s the best way to bring light into a Mezzanine?

Being naturally high up and often elevated above existing windows, mezzanines can often feel a little dark. In order to avoid this, homeowners/developers are encouraged to consider the glazing used and look at options such as clerestory windows, a glazed gable or the installation of rooflights.
Don’t forget to install ceiling lights to hang over the mezzanine level too, to provide illumination even as the natural lights fades of an evening.

Can a Mezzanine room be walled in entirely?

While not the most common approach to mezzanine levels, there’s nothing stopping homeowners or developers taking the walls around the new room right up to the ceiling to create a whole new space. This is particularly desirable for rooms that require privacy, such as bedrooms.
The installation of an internal window can help open up the light through a more enclosed mezzanine, and a glazed wall can provide acoustic separation. In these instances the addition will still count as a mezzanine but is more a new room than it is a balcony or level space.

Where do I start with scoping out a Mezzanine for my property?

Give us a call! Refresh Renovations will arrange for a renovation, extension and addition specialist to visit your property free of charge and with no obligation. Together, we can scope out the potential for a mezzanine and discuss all of the options suitable for you.
We work on an all-encompassing project management basis, so if you do choose to go ahead with a mezzanine bedroom installation with us, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to your job to manage all of the specialist tradespeople and teams to ensure your new space is delivered on time and to budget. We’ve worked with a variety of mezzanine rooms through a whole host of different property types, so put our team to the test and see what we can do for you!

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