Converting Your Garage: Which Rooms Work Best

What rooms can you add to a garage conversion?

garage conversion to office

In the UK, far from every home is lucky enough to have a garage but where they do exist, they tend not to often be used for the intended purpose of parking a car within. Garages are valuable floorspace in properties but are frequently filled with storage boxes, old furniture and anything else that doesn’t have a natural place to ‘go’. 
Converting a garage offers the possibility to utilise this space for something bigger and better, and well, just more practical. But what to convert it to? Here’s just some of the garage conversions Refresh Renovations have worked on recently…

Convert a Garage to a Bedroom

Bedrooms add value to a property as well as increase their rental value; and in particular, over and above that of a garage. These ‘blank canvas’ rooms make for an ideal functional space to turn into a bedroom with little to install in regards to electricity and plumbing. Ground floor bedrooms are fantastic for accessibility and futureproofing a home, and when combined with an en suite can even be let out on short term rental websites such as Airbnb as a way to generate additional income for the household.

Convert a Garage to a Kitchen Extension

Because of their location on the ground floor of a property, it’s not uncommon for a garage to be situated next to a kitchen separated by just a wall – and often not a sound-proofed one at that, as there’s not much reason to keep a garage quiet! Extending your kitchen into the garage can therefore give more cooking or food prep space, or include an open-plan dining area; all without having to extend your property with fresh bricks and mortar. You’ll want to consider the structural capacity of any walls to be removed as well as the thermal performance of the new area, both of which are things your local Refresh Renovations team will be able to advise you on!

Converting a Garage to a Home Office

Even years after the initial coronavirus pandemic lockdowns and enforced work-from-home periods, more people than ever are continuing to remote work and embrace the freedoms it brings. Converting a garage into a home office helps create a proper workspace, separate from the rest of the house, allowing for a quiet place to focus and join in on virtual calls. Make sure to include a window if there isn’t one already, though – natural light helps improve focus and will ensure you don’t run too far past your office hours by not noticing the time.

Converting a Garage to a Home Gym

Gym memberships don’t come cheap and even where they do prove good value for money, getting there can often prove the stumbling block for decent attendance. Building your own gym in the garage lessens the commute and means that you won’t have to queue for equipment nor be stuck with any machines you don’t want and won’t use. You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of plug sockets for machinery and ensure ventilation is adequate – or it may get pretty smelly and sweaty, pretty quickly!

Converting a Garage to a Playroom

As much as you may intend on never allowing your children’s toys breach their bedrooms, the reality is that they end up all over the house. Designating a set playroom helps you to create a space that’s geared toward both education and entertainment as well as helps keep the bedrooms specifically for sleeping. Playrooms can be made fairly cheaply with rubberised or foam flooring; and the thick concrete walls are ideal for fixing play equipment to and for painting with bright murals.

Converting a Garage to an Annex

Detached garages can be converted into annexes to provide extra space for any family members who prefer a little independence. Creating an annex may need more budget than other conversions and could require some extra insulation and heating work to make them more liveable than just functional. Most detached garages usually already have some degree of electricity or plumbing already installed, but this may need extending. However big the investment, an annex is likely to add lots of value onto a property when it comes for the time to sell and in prime locations, a great deal so. Annexes, if completely self-contained, also can be let out to generate further additional household income. 

Converting a Garage to a Bathroom

An extra bathroom in the home is perfect for families or for those who have lots of guests coming and going. If you don’t already have a ground floor WC or bathroom, they’re fantastically convenient and are ideal for children who may need to get to the loo sharpish but who you don’t necessarily want running up and done the stairs. Plumbing considerations will need to be made for a bathroom conversion and although planning permission won’t be needed, building regulations approval may be required.

Converting a Garage to a Studio

Got a hobby or side hustle that needs some space? Converting your garage into a studio can provide the space required to really give it the time and attention it needs. Whether this is an art studio, a yoga/pilates studio, a carpentry workshop, or somewhere for you to meet clients, these type of rooms are usually a fast and easy conversion with minimum intervention. Don’t forget insulation, heating and a window though – you need things to stay bright, warm and welcoming so you can indulge yourself and properly focus on what you enjoy.
Garages need not be underutilised if you convert them into a space you’ll actually use and enjoy. The possibilities are endless, and your car can always go on the drive. Refresh Renovations have worked on a myriad of such conversions of all of the above as well as home cinemas, second living rooms and smart storage spaces. The room is what you make it – so what will you make yours?

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