2022's Top Five Trends in Remodelling and Renovations

Our top five remodelling trends expected to continue and flourish into 2022.

If we’re honest about it, most of us thought the coronavirus pandemic and its effects would be over by now; but in reality, we’re living in a ‘new normal’ highly influenced by its impact. One thing most people have gained is a real appreciation of their living space and the importance of loving where you live. More than ever, homeowners are opting to renovate and refurbish their homes rather than go through the stress of a full house move. These are the top five remodelling trends expected to continue and flourish into the new year – which is your favourite?
A mud room

The introduction of Mudrooms

There’s no frantic feeling quite like trying to rush out of the house quickly to be somewhere and suddenly finding yourself searching for keys, bags, gloves, hat and socks. A mudroom is the space by a home’s entrance that allows for all of these items to be stored so they’re handily at arm’s reach for when hasty exits are required (and let’s be honest, for most of us, that’s daily!). Known as an “all purpose drop zone” by those in the trade, mudrooms are usually converted from existing spaces such as parts of a garage or a utility room, but can be built as part of a small extension.
Additional features we’re beginning to see demand for in mudrooms include storage areas for grocery deliveries and parcels (ideal for you to notify delivery drivers of if you’re not always home to receive said items but want to ensure their safe reception), pet-washings with oversized sinks or shower pans, personalised specified storage for each family member, laundry equipment areas and central charging stations for everyone’s devices. Combined with wipe-clean low-maintenance floors and recessed LED lights, a mudroom can be beautifully functional and hold perfect form as a home addition.

More specialised creative outdoor rooms

While some homeowners had started to expand their living space into summerhouses and sheds in their gardens pre-pandemic, this really took off as people looked to get creative with their homes during lockdowns and mobility-restricted periods. Through 2021 we’ve seen a huge increase in remodelling into different rooms in back gardens, and this is expected to continue well into 2022.
Home cinemas, art studios, yoga rooms and beauty salons are amongst some of the most popular options for outdoor developments but increased demand is also being felt in summerhouses converting into more autumn-winter friendly spaces. If you’ve got the space in your garden, why not use it to its full potential, year-round?
House with large glazed rear and open flow to the outside

Increasing amounts of windows, doors and wall glazing

The trend of homeowners wanting to feel as though they’re bringing the outdoors in even when the weather doesn’t quite permit it is unlikely to abate. The easiest way to achieve this feeling is to flood existing rooms with natural light through the installation of glass windows, wall glazing and large doors. 
Frequently homeowners are choosing to open up their existing rooms through the installation of windows spanning as low and high as possible – anything to gain a view! With newer, durable glazing there’s no need to worry about losing heat either; insulation is now tighter than its ever been, and more energy efficient, so heat loss is minimal and an additional heating source doesn’t necessarily need to be introduced.

More flexible home office spaces

One of the main impacts the coronavirus pandemic had was to mandate millions of people worldwide to work from home rather than from their usual office or workplace spaces. The 2021 Houzz Emerging Home Design Trends Report found that searches for home offices online were up by an impressive 108%! However, where many expected home working to come to an end by the end of this year, instead we’re seeing it continue as a flexible option.
More flexible home office spaces intended for longer term use than the imagined few months back in 2020 include standing desks, shared workspaces, ergonomic accessories, comprehensive lighting, innovative filing solutions and wall-mounted screens.
An outdoor room

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Never heard of an ADU? That doesn’t surprise us! ‘Accessory Dwelling Unit’ is an industry phrase and not really one that’s caught on any wider – you probably know it as a ‘separate extension’. These buildings are usually detached from the main house and start at about 500 square feet plus in floor space; so they’re bigger than you’d expect from a shed or basic outdoor room.
These structures usually require planning permission and building regulation checks so always need the involvement of renovation specialists but are a favourite amongst those looking to create self-contained flats for either a growing family or to rent out on a site such as Airbnb. However, their construction can be complex and so such projects should not be embarked upon without a team of experts. The key with clever design for ADUs is to keep things as accessible as possible and the flow throughout open to keep interiors flexible and future-proofed.
While many of us don’t really feel that we’re ‘over’ the events of 2020 yet, and may never be, finally we can look forward and find solace and excitement in good times to come. No matter what the trends are in the remodelling space, if you can dream it, Refresh Renovations can make it happen. Our end-to-end project management approach ensures your renovation is taken care of from start to finish with no detail missed. Fancy a new kitchen, a man-cave-style shed, an open-plan kitchen-diner installing or even just new interior design through your bedrooms? 

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