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Produced on porcelain using new ink-jet printing technology, lookalike stone tiles replicate the natural look of stone right down to the smallest detail, and come in a variety of finishes: high gloss, semi-polished, matt or textured, and fit any style of decor – natural, rustic, classic or contemporary – thanks to stone’s neutral hues.

Compared to natural stone, porcelain tiles are a lot lighter and easier to handle and install. Cutting is also effortless, and the tiles are low maintenance, stain and water resistant, and highly durable. Unlike natural stone tiles, they generally don’t require sealing. 

Heritage Tiles has an enormous selection of premium quality, natural-looking porcelain stone tiles such as the Palladio range from Refin (which replicates ancient Piasentina stone and suits most furnishings with its mottled grey colouring and warm hues); the Velvet range from Casa Dolce Casa (which, when laid, gives the same effect as natural Venetian marble); and the Stone D range from Italgraniti, an ideal choice for anyone who likes the look of quartzite split stone. 

Not only do these tiles have the varied colouring and patterns of natural quartzite, they even contain real quartz to produce its glittering characteristics. Then there’s the Calacatta range from Italgraniti; it’s designed to replicate classic white Calacatta marble, complete with veining patterns between each tile.

Make sure you read about more Fresh contemporary urban tiles from Heritage. 

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