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According to Houzz Australia's 2019 home renovation trends study, there are five rooms at the top of most homeowner's renovation wish-list. Keep reading to find out what they are and maybe get some inspiration for your project.

1. Kitchen

Yes, the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home - now so more than ever. It's where parents keep an eye on young kids as dinner is made, where friends and family socialise over wine and cheese and, of course, where hungry stomachs migrate to (at least) three times a day. 26% of homeowners renovated their kitchen in 2018 - showing a 1% increase in popularity within the last two years. 

If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen, we've got some resources to get you started:

2. Living room

At a popular 23%, the study found that the living room was the second most commonly renovated space in Australia. In most modern home designs, the kitchen and living room exist together within an open plan layout, with a kitchen island separating the two areas. Often, homeowners will renovate the two spaces at the same time. 

Thinking about renovating your living area? We can help you get started:

3. Bedroom

From Feng-shui to colour schemes and the effectiveness of your curtains at shutting out the light, there are a lot of things about a bad bedroom design that can affect a good night's sleep. So it makes sense that bedrooms are the third most common home renovation project in Australia, with 17% of homeowners opting to revamp their nighttime haven. 

If you'd like some inspiration for your bedroom, check these out:

4. Bathroom

Whether it's out of necessity or because they want to create a relaxing sanctuary, Australian homeowners love renovating their bathrooms. 17% opted to in 2018, although, surprisingly, this is 1% less than in 2017. While there are a few stylistic consistencies across most modern bathroom designs, this is one room where you can really personalise almost every aspect. To get started, take a look below:

5. Laundry

It turns out laundry renovations are just as popular as bedroom and bathroom renovations. If you're short on space, a laundry cupboard is a common choice. If you want a large designated space to store, wash, dry and iron your clothes - you might want a more innovative design. Get inspired:

If you'd like some help planning your home renovation project, please get in touch! Your local Refresh Renovations specialist can take care of your project's design, build and finishing touches. 

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