Sleek Black & White Interiors in Sanson, Manawatu

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This home's kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and laundry room were renovated with a sleek, modern design that contrasts significantly from the build

This home's kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and laundry room were renovated with a sleek, modern design that contrasts significantly from the building's original 1980s interiors.

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Time for a More Spacious, Modern Home

Homeowner Vicky wanted to update her home’s 1980s interiors with an improved layout and sleek appearance. But she wasn’t sure of what was achievable or how much it would cost. So, to assess the feasibility of her plans, Vicky sought advice from a renovation expert. 
A relative of hers who works as an electrician suggested reaching out to Wayne Gordon from Refresh Renovations. As a Renovation Consultant, Wayne assists with the entire process, from determining what’s feasible to developing the design and managing the build phase. This kind of comprehensive service was precisely what Vicky was looking for. 

Getting the Project Started

During her initial consultation with Wayne, Vicky noted her top priorities: to make the home warmer, more spacious, and modernised with a clean, sleek style. 
Vicky planned to bring her lounge and kitchen into the 21st century by demolishing the wall dividing the spaces, creating an open-plan layout. It was also time to remove the home’s less-loved 80s characteristics, which mostly remained in the bathroom and laundry room. 
Soon after their consultation, Wayne determined that all of Vicky’s plans were achievable.
And when she was ready to begin the design phase, he guided her through the process, keeping her aware of the costs as they went. This way, she knew what to expect; there were no surprises. 
The home’s renovated interiors were designed by Nathan Lee from Vision Architecture, who did a fantastic job of taking Vicky’s vision and transforming it into a stunning final design. 

The Build Phase

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the build phase of Vicky’s home renovation was interrupted by restrictions. But Wayne took this in his stride and ensured construction ran as close to the original timeline as possible.
A large part of the build phase involved updating the home’s insulation and heating for warm, dry interiors. To make these improvements, Wayne’s renovation team repositioned the existing heatpump for better circulation and installed insulation, double glazed windows, and a new fireplace. 
All materials and products used in this renovation were sourced from Wayne’s network of trusted suppliers, including Mitre10, Villa Joinery, and Clearshield. And the final cost of the home renovation came in at $107,195.

A Beautiful Open-plan Living Area

Demolishing the kitchen and lounge’s dividing wall has created a spacious open-plan living area. The new layout welcomes socialising and allows more natural light to fill the air. But these improvements are not the only significant changes to the rooms.
A modern interior design in a black & white colour scheme gives the kitchen and lounge a brand new look. It’s sleek and sophisticated, just as Vicky envisioned.
In the kitchen, ash-grey flooring, fresh white cabinetry, and a glossy white splashback establish a simplistic blank canvas. Meanwhile, black benchtops and hardware contrast perfectly for a clean look. And with the wall removed, there’s now room for a kitchen island/breakfast bar – a practical element of modern design.
As for the lounge, jet black carpeting makes a beautiful statement, particularly in combination with the surrounding white walls. The new black fireplace and matching hearth don’t distract from the plush flooring. Instead, they neatly blend into the carpet, only to draw attention when timber’s burning.

The Minimalist Bathroom and Laundry Room

The bathroom and laundry room’s small floor areas have not interfered with the sleek interior design that’s upgraded both spaces. 
Cohesive with the new open-plan living area, these rooms continue the beautiful black and white colour scheme. In fact, the laundry room uses the same ash-grey flooring, white cabinetry, black benchtop, and hardware as seen in the kitchen, including the stunning matte black tap.
The bathroom features a similar combination of colours and material finishes, but with a grey, concrete-look floating vanity and matching wall-hung cupboard. And instead of the previous shower-over-bath, the room has been updated with a spacious shower cubicle.

Perfectly Cohesive Interiors for a Modern Home

Vicky’s home renovation has achieved everything she desired; it’s warm, spacious, and modern, with sleek interiors that are much more practical to use.
The black and white colour scheme has absolutely pulled the home out of the 80s and straight into the modern-day. Wayne loves the results and is thrilled to have led the renovation from idea to reality.

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This project was completed in
October 2021
Project description
Kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and laundry room renovation.
New Zealand
Project duration
6 1/2 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
COVID-19 restrictions
Interesting aspects
Wall removal for an open-plan living area.
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Wayne Gordon is Director, Operations Manager & Renovation Consultant of Radian Group Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Manawatu.

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