Kitchen renewal in Ararimu, Auckland

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This farmhouse's kitchen underwent a complete renovation, transforming it into a contemporary and idyllic space.

This farmhouse's kitchen underwent a complete renovation, transforming it into a contemporary and idyllic space.

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When Judith, the homeowner, first reached out to Refresh Renovations, she arranged an initial consultation with their local Renovation Consultant to discuss her ideas.
What she had in mind was an entire kitchen renewal. The ambition was to achieve a modern design complete with a custom bench-top, new cabinetry, and restoration of the rimu flooring. 
It was also essential for the beautiful rimu wood in the existing kitchen’s display cabinets to be integrated with the new kitchen. And with that noted, the Renovation Consultant moved forward to craft a feasible concept that would deliver Judith’s kitchen dreams.

Evaluating the space before design

When developing concepts, the Renovation Consultant arranged for a builder and design specialist to survey the kitchen for any structural issues that might disrupt the renovation. This assessment was crucial in reducing any unexpected costs that could pop up during construction.
Immediately, they recognised that the floor and ceiling were slightly out of line. To correct this issue, the Renovation Consultant suggested installing a bulkhead above the cabinetry.
The evaluation also required examining the existing rimu flooring and cabinets that needed restoring and incorporating into the new kitchen. To ensure brilliant repair, an experienced flooring expert was brought in to assess the timber and undertake the reconditioning.

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Restoring with a contemporary yet idyllic feel

Working closely with her network of interior designers, the Renovation Consultant devised the perfect plan to achieve Judith’s desired aesthetic. The main idea: to retain the idyllic country charm while still bringing the kitchen into contemporary living. 
The design featured elegant, French-inspired cabinetry that was cleverly combined into the design scheme using light colours to make a soft statement. While providing abundant storage space above, the existing rimu display cabinets have also transformed into an extraordinary display piece, carrying the essence of peaceful countryside.
To create a contemporary feel, the walls were painted a neutral off-white, which complements the new cabinetry. Along with the new white splashback and granite benchtop, the colour choices have created a clean, modern feel and opened the area.
And the showstopper? The homeowner’s six-burner oven. Lavish and scarlet red, this feature deserved to become the centre of attention. Suitably, the homeowner chose a Schweigen rangehood for ventilation. With an advanced motor that’s both powerful and silent, it was the best choice for a sleek and tranquil kitchen.

Undertaking construction

The Renovation Consultant coordinated a team of builders and construction experts to come in at staggered intervals over a six-week timeline. This strict planning enabled the project to run expeditiously and with minimal delay.
In the early stages, flooring experts were brought in to strip the vinyl from the floor. This allowed the builders to remove the existing rimu wood from underneath and take it away for repair. The challenge here was ensuring the kitchen floor matched the existing flooring throughout the house. But with careful attention to detail, the builders managed to match the warm tones perfectly.
Once the flooring was finally restored to its former beauty, the rest of the new instalments followed, completing the kitchen as a welcoming workspace for every cook’s needs. Contemporary but still idyllic, the room indeed blends seamlessly with the rest of the property.

The final product

Altogether, the Renovation Consultant completed the renovation to the budget of $67,000. It’s a beautiful renewal that has utilised the existing native rimu in multiple dimensions and simultaneously showcased what a modern kitchen should be through an improved colour scheme and functional layout.

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This project was completed in
March 2021
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Project description
Complete farmhouse kitchen renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
A builder and design specialist uncovered that the floor and ceiling were slightly out of line.
Interesting aspects
New kitchen, dark ash-toned flooring, and modern LED disc lights.
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