Expanding and recladding in Hobsonville, Auckland

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The homeowners of this beautiful Hobsonville townhouse wanted a complete internal and external renovation to capture the most value from their property.

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Time for Renovating

With a list of home improvements in mind, the homeowners of this 3-bedroom Hobsonville home contacted Refresh Renovations to undertake a complete transformation. They wanted to increase their property's value before taking it to market, but they also had their hands full with managing their own business. What they needed was professional assistance that could handle all aspects of the comprehensive renovation.
Renovation Consultant Jim Gleeson was their first port of call. Together, during the initial briefing, they discussed the project possibilities and devised a plan for moving ahead. This included a bedroom extension, recladding, roof and guttering adjustments, additional attic storage, new ducted air conditioning, and a fresh coat of paint.

The Nitty-gritty

The initial estimate for this townhouse renovation was set at $273,500. However, after necessary structural repairs, additional requests by the council weather tightness team to replace all windows, and the homeowners' decision to upgrade two bathrooms and the kitchen, the final costing came in at $420,000.
Jim adjusted the construction schedule accordingly, which brought the project timeline to 288 days in total. This duration was significantly quick for the project's comprehensive scale, which would have taken much longer had the homeowners embarked on the renovation themselves.

Exterior Improvements

Knowing that first impressions count, the homeowners wanted to create a modern home exterior that felt welcoming. To achieve this vision, a large part of the renovation involved recladding. The process required removing the plaster fibre cement cladding and replacing it with shiplap weatherboard cladding. The result is a sleek exterior that looks fresh while being weather-tight.
As the previous drainage system had caused water damage, the property also needed improvements made to the roof and guttering. In solution, Jim organised the implementation of a new external drainage system and adjusted the roofline. Now, the townhouse has a watertight roof with efficient drainage, successfully preventing further water damage.
To complete the exterior, minor repairs were made to the brick cladding. Altogether, the improvements have revitalised the townhouse's exterior with enhanced functionality and a modern style that welcomes all.

Creating a New Bedroom and Attic

To increase the value of their home, the homeowners expanded their property by adding a fourth bedroom and creating an attic above the extension for additional storage.
The door to the attic was smartly established in the ground floor's hallway to allow the entire household access. But doing so wasn't a simple task. Jim needed to dismantle a wall to bring in the required machinery. It was a complicated procedure but a breeze to Jim's talented band of tradespeople who pulled it off – no sweat.

Modern Interiors

Throughout the townhouse's interior, several changes were made to increase comfort and value. The improvements include installing ducted air conditioning, upgrading all windows with double-glazed replacements, and changing the standard downlights for LED lighting. These adjustments made a significant difference to the home's livability and energy efficiency. But it's the renovated kitchen and two bathrooms that take the cake.
In the kitchen, the room now boasts a beautiful white stone benchtop paired with a matching splashback, which brightens up the entire space, making it feel more open. Featuring a brand new extractor fan, induction stove, and oven, the kitchen has been completely revived for urban living.
As for the bathrooms, both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms have been modernised with updated showers, toilets, and vanities that are further enhanced with overhead mirror lighting. These spaces are all about minimalism and use a neutral colour palette to maintain a sleek appearance.
Throughout the townhouse, the interiors were finished with a fresh coat of cream coloured paint. This improvement does a beautiful job of brightening up the entire home. However, the new Solatube skylight also contributes to this lighter atmosphere. This innovative lighting solution is designed to bring natural light into rooms where a standard skylight can't be installed, resulting in an inviting space with the warmth of daylight.

A Complete Transformation

This two-storey townhouse has been revitalised from the inside out. Bigger, brighter, and much more modern, the home has undergone a complete transformation that's expanded its floor area and greatly improved the overall functionality. Not to forget, the property looks exceptional.
Final landscaping around paved areas gives a perfect finishing touch to the renovation, completing the homeowners’ vision of a welcoming home.

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This project was completed in
July 2021
Project description
Interior improvements, recladding, and a bedroom extension.
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
288 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Creating the attic required dismantling a wall to bring in machinery
Interesting aspects
Shiplap weatherboard cladding, a Solatube skylight, and an attic addition.
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Jim Gleeson is Renovation Consultant of KKG Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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