Creating a Spacious Kitchen in Karori, Wellington

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Creating a Spacious Kitchen in Karori, Wellington

The original design of this 1992 townhouse wasn't making the most of its 135m2. There was unlocked potential - particularly for the kitchen - and the homeowners were eager to see it transform.

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The Homeowners’ Ambition 

While contemplating kitchen improvements, the homeowners realised they would need an expert’s assistance to see that the project was completed effectively and to budget. 
Reaching out to their local Renovation Specialist, Mark Morrison, they discussed every detail of their ideas, concerns, budget requirements, and timeline expectations.
Together, they formulated an innovative plan to restructure their kitchen/living area and give the new kitchen a contemporary upgrade. Mark soon developed this concept into working drawings that outlined a crucial structural change; relocation of the water closet. 
Instead of the bathroom sitting in the middle of the living area, they would move it to the edge to make way for a spacious kitchen and open flow. 

Construction & Project Adaptations 

Mark estimated the initial timeline to run across 53 days. Throughout this period, the homeowners were happy to live in the property’s downstairs space, which Mark accommodated by ensuring his renovation team made the experience as comfortable as possible.
During construction, Mark came across a few challenges and additions, which meant the project needed adapting. The critical variations included; dealing with a large amount of rot that they discovered, Covid-19 delays, and the homeowners’ decision to add exterior painting to the renovation. 
With these changes taken on board, the construction process was adjusted and streamlined to support the new scope. Mark worked diligently to minimise any impact on the timeline and managed to keep the process mostly to schedule, with the overall construction period taking a mere five days extra.

Water Closet Relocation

Shifting the water closet from the middle of the living area to the side was undeniably the most transformative change in the project.
Initially located between the living room and kitchen, the water closet is now tucked away along the room’s edge. The relocation was a great decision that resulted in an entirely different ambience from the living room to the kitchen. 
Once closed in and small, the property’s upstairs space is now entirely opened up, feels larger, and boasts an organic flow.
When re-building the bathroom, Mark also considered that it would be sharing a wall with the living room, which would create a disturbance of privacy. As an innovative solution, he and the homeowners decided to install acoustic door seals to conceal sound.

The Contemporary Kitchen

When it came down to interior design, the homeowners chose a neutral and bright colour palette which established the kitchen with a fresh, modern aesthetic.
The renovation included the demolition and construction of new walls, internal painting, laying down vinyl flooring, and installing the kitchen fixtures along with brand new appliances. 
Using white as the primary colour for the kitchen was a brilliant decision for lightening up the room. The space has become an inviting and contemporary kitchen, from the flat-panel cabinets to the splashback’s subway tiling. 

A Wonderful Transformation

Despite the adaptations that sprung up during construction, the project was completed close to the original timeline and resulted in a beautiful transformation of the upstairs living area.
The homeowners were thrilled to start living in the beautiful space and begin utilising the modern facilities of their larger kitchen. A final feature worth mentioning is the light-toned vinyl flooring that Mark’s renovation team installed. Not only does it bring a gentle warmth to the atmosphere, but it also amplifies the natural flow throughout the living areas. 
Megan Russel, the Project Manager of the renovation, commented that the reconstruction resulted in “a great transformation,” and with a particular nod towards the contemporary kitchen which turned out exceptionally. 

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This project was completed in
January 2021
Project description
Full kitchen reno and new living area on a Wellington townhouse.
New Zealand
Project duration
58 days
Cost estimate
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Interesting aspects
Black bathroom fixtures - look great but are high maintenance.
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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