Going the Extra Mile for a Full home Renovation in Leeds

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Living room with fresh plaster and original features

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If there’s one thing Refresh Renovations are well known for, its going over and above the standard line of duty and exceeding expectations in service – and with this full house renovation in Yorkshire, the team did exactly that.
The Refresh Renovations Leeds and Wakefield office, led by Renovation Consultant Sophia Rojas, took on this full house project and committed to a completion of works within just five months; no doubt hugely ambitious, but very achievable with a team this specialist and driven. There were bumps along the road and several challenges to overcome, but the Refresh Renovations crew took it all in their stride – and the results are stunning.

Fantastic Finishing Touches Required

This property was intended to be used as an unfurnished rental and so needed neutral décor throughout as well as immaculate, contemporary finishes from which tenants could leave their own mark when they moved in. In particular, modern and easy-to-maintain designs were sought for the kitchen and bathroom, which would both need full replacement.
The budget set was just under £52,000 inclusive of VAT but the job would be need to be done swiftly: after all, if it was to run over the designated timeline, every day it did so would be another without rental income, costing the homeowners dearly.
The homeowner, a property developer and landlord from the south of the UK, had heard of the vast potential in the Yorkshire rental market and this was their first purchase in the area. Knowing of Refresh Renovation’s reputation for excellence, they opted for a fully planned and project managed process which removed all the hassle and stresses for the homeowner.

Scope Amendments For Unexpected Circumstances

The full scope for the renovation was laid out but had to be amended when bad weather hit in January, thanks to consequent storms Corrie, Dudley and Eunice. These blew over the garden fencing which unfortunately was rendered unsuitable for immediate re-erection and so needed to be entirely replaced and installed – a job the Refresh Renovations team picked up without fuss and incorporate into their overall plan.
What’s more, when plumbers entered the property to isolate the water supply in readiness for the full kitchen re-fit, they discovered that the stopcock was so badly eroded it couldn’t be used. This delayed the initiation of the new kitchen job somewhat but the Refresh team worked in collaboration with Yorkshire Water to stem the main supply and allow for the kitchen to be fitted as well as the plumbing re-worked and the stopcock replaced. The Project Manager really went above the call of duty attending the site on the Sunday before Christmas to ensure no further time was added to the timeline but it worked – and the project plan stayed on track!

Temptations for Tenants

Rooms were decorated in neutral tones to allow for the rental market but the jewels in the crown of this home really lie in its newly fitted kitchen and bathroom.
With the entire ground floor of the home laid with chic hardwood flooring in light walnut tones, the kitchen cabinets were fitted in a dark shade to complement with brushed stainless steel appliances for a bright yet cohesive design finish. The bathroom too opted for darker hues throughout with a brushed paint design almost marbled across the tiles and clean-cut while silhouetted hardware installed. The hardwood flooring was maintained but in a lighter, oak shade; amplifying the white bathroom units and clever storage solutions throughout the room.
Both quickly gained popularity amongst house-hunters and were lauded by estate agents throughout the area. Refresh have even had enquiries from other homeowners in the area looking for similar!

Communication is Key

Given that this project was scheduled for a quick turnaround and ran over the Christmas period, communication amongst all parties was critical for successful collaborative working. An excellent relationship was maintained throughout by all involved and this cohesiveness meant that all challenges were overcome. The client even now intends to use Refresh Renovations for all of their future buy-to-let purchases and refurbishment works!
For now, the Refresh Renovations team have moved onto the next full house transformation project in the area, albeit not on a rental property this time round. Whether or not you’re letting your home out to someone else, consider Refresh for your renovation – the possibilities are endless and the finishes flawless.

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This project was completed in
April 2022
Project description
A full home renovation with new bathroom, kitchen and traditional features.
United Kingdom
Project duration
5 Months
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Sophia Rojas is Renovation Consultant of SGR Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK LtdUK Ltd, doing business in North Yorkshire Leeds.

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