A bespoke bedroom and ensuite renovation

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Ensuite bathroom

Following a major home extension and refurbishment project with Refresh Renovations specialist Kelley Malcher, this Virginia Waters family again worked with the Refresh Surrey team to create their ideal guest bedroom and ensuite.

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Following a major home extension and refurbishment project with Refresh Renovations specialist Kelley Malcher, this Virginia Waters family again worked with the Refresh Surrey team to create their ideal guest bedroom and ensuite. Seeking a look that was truly unique to their home, this family opted for a bespoke design and installation.

A new house design

“I asked for bespoke features, which the team designed and implemented”, tells one of the homeowners. “The high level of craftsmanship blew me away. Time was always allocated to designing and investigating each bespoke element to make sure I had all of the options with the latest materials and techniques. They were also keen to discuss environmental considerations with each choice.”
The family decided that their best option was to convert an existing nursery room into an ensuite bathroom for guests. They also asked Refresh to carry out work on the attached bedroom. After discussing their ideas, Kelley and her team drew up a design and presented the homeowners with a cost estimate.
“Refresh provided me with cost options for everything and discussed the pros and cons of cost, functionality, longevity, environmental considerations and aesthetics. Kelley wasn’t afraid to give an opinion, but also seemed to keep us at the centre of her thought process with recommendations.”

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Refresh has changed my perception and restored my faith

House renovation

Beginning the conversion, the Refresh team installed plumbing and ventilation within the nursery-turned-ensuite. They built-in a new window and moved the door to create a more practical entryway. The luxurious floor and wall tiles were sourced from Porcelanosa, while wall panels designed by Linda Barker were installed inside the shower area.
“This is a nice way of keeping a shower watertight, without using tiles”, advises Kelley. “Wall panels don't use grout and therefore are an effective way of lowering future cleaning and maintenance within the shower area.”
In the adjacent bedroom, Refresh re-floored, repainted and redecorated to create a cosy and inviting space for the family’s guests to enjoy. 

Final thoughts

“I know that areas of the building industry have a bad reputation, and I’ve had bad experiences in the past with shoddy workmanship and poor customer service, but Refresh has changed my perception and restored my faith. I have full trust that Refresh always had me and my family at the centre of their thoughts with every task they undertook”, says Kelley’s customer.
“Refresh are certainly not average builders and are consistently expanding their skills and knowledge; keeping abreast of the latest home technologies, design trends, safety standards and regulations. The quality and attention to detail is impeccable, as was the project management and customer service.”  
This is the second renovation this homeowner has completed with the help of Refresh Renovations, check out House Extension and Refurbishment in Virginia Waters, Surrey to see their first project. As well as A contemporary outdoor oasis in Little Oaks for their third project.

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This project was completed in
August 2019
Project description
Ensuite and bedroom renovation
Surrey & Hampshire
United Kingdom
Project duration
2 months
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Kelley Malcher is Renovation Consultant of Aubree Ltd , a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK Ltd, doing business in Surrey & Hampshire.

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