Basement transformation in Verona Hill

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Remodelling this basement has completely renewed its tired interiors, transforming it into a contemporary dream for entertaining.

Remodelling this basement has completely renewed its tired interiors, transforming it into a contemporary dream for entertaining.

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Nestled in leafy Verona Hills, this property carries the true essence of ‘home’. However, despite its welcoming design, the basement - over 20 years old - lacked the same warmth the rest of the house presented.
In search of assistance with renovating their basement, these homeowners eventually came across local Renovation Specialist Troy Teague. Organized and professional, Troy introduced the renovation process step by step, helping them feel relaxed about the exciting journey ahead.

Creating the concept

When the homeowners purchased their home over 20 years ago, the basement had been finished poorly. At the time, their kids were young. So they decided not to bother updating, as the basement would provide an ideal space for their children to play as they grew up. 
They tolerated the original drop ceiling, drafty windows, outdated wall paneling, and 1980s mustard-yellow galley kitchen over the years. But now, with their kids moved out and both homeowners getting closer to retirement, there couldn’t have been a better time to renovate.
Their ultimate goal was to create a beautiful, modern space for entertaining family and guests. With 1400ft² to utilize, there were plenty of opportunities. Troy, their Renovation Specialist, helped them explore these options until they eventually decided on the perfect contemporary interior design. 

Renovation costing

When the homeowners first discussed their home renovation with Troy, their costing expectations for upgrading the entire basement were below what was required. 
To find a solution, Troy worked closely with his network of construction professionals to present ideas that allowed the homeowners to control the overall costs while still achieving a high-quality renovation with a brand-new kitchen.
The final project costs came in at $122,000 and delivered exceptional results. Troy provided detailed costing plans for this stage, ensuring the homeowners were completely comfortable with the renovation right from the start. 

Undertaking construction

Altogether, construction ran across 96 days. For the most part, this project stage ran according to schedule as Troy had thoroughly planned every aspect. 
There was, however, a delay from the cabinet supplier, which made the project run four weeks longer than expected. But with Troy managing all changes and providing regular updates to the homeowners, the experience remained stress-free.
All aspects of construction, from demolition to contracting trustworthy electricians and plumbers, was overseen by Troy. During this time, the homeowners commented positively on their experience, stating, “We feel like we’re in the hands of a team that knows what they’re doing.” 
For the new interior, they chose dark ash-toned flooring and kitchen cabinetry with classic detailing from ProSource Wholesale. These materials paired together perfectly for a luxurious look. And as for the appliances and fixtures, they selected high-quality, modern products from Ferguson.

One small challenge

Overall, the project ran according to plan and accomplished exceptional results. But there was one small challenge that the building team came across during construction: the electrical wiring was not up to code.
Located in the drop ceiling, the renovation builders found a few exposed live wires along with several open-air outlets and light fixtures hidden in the ceiling.
Troy arranged for experts to handle all of these electrical issues, ensuring the area complied with current building codes. And with that taken care of, the project followed smoothly!


Troy’s favorite feature of the basement renovation is the kitchen, and not only because of the high-quality finish... The design called for relocating the kitchen to the spacious recreation room, which massively improved the home’s functionality and flow.
Another standout transformation is the basement’s overall lighting. Initially dark and dreary, the renovation team have completely brightened up the entire space.
Low ceilings created difficulty, but Troy devised a solution that raised the ceiling height by a few inches. Finishing touches such as the fresh color palette and modern LED disc lights completed the transformation. Now, the basement is not only brighter but also feels larger!
The homeowners are thrilled with the results and are excited to continue upgrading their home. In fact, they’ve already begun their next home renovation with Troy - this time focusing on the property’s second floor!

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This project was completed in
April 2021
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Project description
Basement remodel
United States
Project duration
96 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Electrical wiring was not up to code.
Interesting aspects
Herringbone bathroom tiles, repurposed native timber doors
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