A remodeled outdoor area with backyard accessibility in Pensacola, Florida

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These Pensacola, Florida homeowners initially wanted a large outdoor deck and decided on two smaller landing decks with steps to accommodate backdoor entryway access and new door installments.

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Ready to put their home on the market, these homeowners of Pensacola, Florida contacted local Refresh renovations consultant to discuss an outdoor renovation and remodeling project that would increase market value and add needed accessibility to the backyard entryways. The initial idea was to install a large deck that could serve as one platform for entering and exiting through the rear of the house using either of the two doorways. What ended up being completed was two small landing decks with stairs, the exterior of the house being repainted and a bathroom retile.

A new outdoor design

“In addition to completing a rear access way, they wanted to maximize the use of space and knew that by adding a larger exterior deck, it would bring more value to the property listing when they were ready to sell,” notes the renovation consultant.
The renovation consultant's clients were able to share their ideas and specify a budget, and then hand the project over to Refresh to take care of.

Building a deck

As it often goes with home remodels, unforeseen work needed to take place in order to comply with county code regulations. The initial timeline estimate for the project’s scope of work was 1-4 weeks, however, with the modifications and multiple change orders (some requested by the homeowner), the actual time to complete the project was a little over 3 months.
With her clients’ vision in mind, the renovation consultant and her team sought out a county building permit and worked with her team to create project plans.
“We discovered that in order to remain compliant, the plan to install a single large deck would need a few adjustments before proceeding. Rotten wood, caused by excess moisture build-up, was found in front and back areas of the home. From this, we saw that the interior bathroom floor needed retiling.
After uncovering a few bumps, the final layout and plans came about. The renovation consultant finalized the plans with her team of experts and the homeowners to arrive upon a decision of splitting the one larger deck into two smaller landing decks with stairs for direct access to each entryway in the backyard. Once the final plans and design were set, they began first by replacing out the rotten wood with new. Once the hardie board siding was added to the house, the deck installation could begin.

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In addition to the two smaller landing decks and stairs, the entire exterior of the house was repainted, and inside, one of the bathrooms received new floor tiling. Along with retiling work, the walls and ceiling were repainted in the bathroom. The final additions that the homeowners decided on were installing a new front door and two barn doors.

The final result

The renovation consultant and her team were able to help in evaluating all the steps needed to ensure the project ran smoothly and accurately with code while delivering the changes that were necessary and desired by the homeowners.
When the project came to completion, the homeowners were happy with the outcome and final additions.

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This project was completed in
May 2020
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Project description
Deck addition and exterior remodel
United States
Project duration
3 months and 2 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
The large deck needed to be split into two smaller ones to abide by city code regulations.
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