A home transformation in Sydney

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Renovated Federation semi kitchen Australia

Homeowner Dennis wanted to make his place a comfortable haven that showed the home's original details to the best effect.

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Before Refresh renovated this Sydney home, it was in a concerning state. The kitchen and bathroom were in dire need of an update, the paint on the walls was cracked and mould trailed along the windowsills. With the support of his friend and financial planner Jo Scholz, homeowner Dennis worked with Refresh to create a future-proof transformation. 
“Dennis is a retired professional who has lived in the home for many years. He has had some health challenges in recent years and needed to update his home to make it easier to maintain”, explains the renovation consultant.

New house design

“The home was long overdue for a refresh - with peeling paint, ancient carpets as well as damp and mould problems. Much of the original architectural detailing was intact and Dennis wanted to make his place a comfortable haven that showed the home's original details to the best effect.”
Dennis says finding the right renovation company wasn’t smooth sailing and that meeting with the Refresh team was a welcome relief.
“We got one man that we thought was ideal for the job but he kept putting us off. Then we got (Refresh) which was a miracle and (they’ve) been flawless - everything we’ve wanted (they’ve) done.”
“We liaised with both Dennis and Jo (who lives remotely to the job, on the NSW's Central Coast) to work through the process”, explains the renovation consultant. “The Refresh customer portal allowed very clear and detailed communication with them both. Progress photos could be shared with Dennis and Jo on a regular basis, messaging was handled within the portal and progress payments could easily be tracked.”

House renovation

The renovation consultant notes that it was essential for the project to be completed within seven weeks so that Dennis was out of his home for as short a time as possible. To achieve this, efficient planning and end-to-end project management was required - which Refresh provided.
“We found it very hard to find someone who could do a holistic job for us”, tells Jo. “We wanted somebody like the renovation consultant who could do from start to finish. Someone who could be there overseeing the project, someone who had all of the connections.”

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Refresh Renovations have just been amazing! They’re some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever dealt with. Absolutely fantastic!
The renovation consultant supported Dennis and Jo through every stage of the project. Following an initial consultation, he looked into the concept and feasibility of the project before presenting the pair with a design and fixed-quote. From there, he managed every detail of the renovation; keeping the work in-line with the specified timeframe and budget of the design. Such a large project was no small task but the renovation consultant ensured his large team stayed on schedule.
The work carried out included refitting a compact kitchen, installing new french doors, refitting the bathroom and installing a new remote-controlled gas fireplace within the existing fireplace. The carpet was removed and the existing floors were sanded and polished. New lighting was installed throughout and the front wall of the home was damp-proofed. For added comfort, a new split-system air conditioning unit was installed.
The final interior touches included plantation shutters, new brass door hardware and new paintwork. Outside, a new front balcony balustrade was built, the front facades’ brickwork was re-pointed, tuck pointed and the home's exterior details were re-painted.

Final thoughts

Dennis and Jo are elated with the outcome.
“Refresh Renovations have just been amazing!”, smiles Jo. “They’re some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever dealt with. Absolutely fantastic!” 
For Dennis, the completed project marks a bittersweet introduction to his lovely new home.
“(The team) has worked together so well and they’ve been so obliging for us. It’s really like a miracle - everything has just worked out so well. I’m going to miss you guys when you all go!”  
You can view the video of the full project here.

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This project was completed in
December 2019
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Project description
An interior and exterior Federation semi update
Project duration
7 weeks
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