A Glamorous Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Lyall Bay, Wellington

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This 1990s home is nestled in a fabulous Lyall Bay location, but the hardworking kitchen and bathroom areas were showing their age. A striking renovation in classic black and white brought glamour and style back into these spaces.

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Looking to renovate

Sandra lived in picturesque Lyall Bay in Wellington, but her home was beginning to feel anything but. The dated family bathroom, en suite, and kitchen no longer reflected her tastes, and she was keen to upgrade these areas. Sandra reached out to local Renovation Consultant Mark Morrison to seek advice and see what was possible. 

Expert Advice

After receiving her initial enquiry, Mark met with Sandra to get a better idea of her goals for her home. Since Sandra had not used Refresh before, he was able to explain how straightforward and transparent the process was. With Refresh, every detail of her project would be managed by Mark from design right through to delivery, making the challenges of renovation seem much less daunting.
Drawing on his years of renovation experience, Mark was able to help Sandra refine her ideas and develop a concept that captured her vision for her kitchen, bathroom, and en suite. Once the initial concept was agreed, Mark then came back to Sandra with a detailed budget and design plans for confirmation before any construction commenced, ensuring that both parties were clear about the plan moving forward and there were no hidden surprises. 
While overseeing every aspect of the renovation, Mark would also be the single point of contact for Sandra, ready to respond to even the smallest of queries that she might have. Full and clear communication would be maintained throughout the project. 

A Brand-New Look

With council consent secured, the transformation could begin. Drawing on his established network of suppliers and professionals, Mark was confident of delivering top quality craftsmanship. 
A total strip out of all areas was required and after demolition and waste removal was completed, Mark scheduled a raft of trades including electrical, carpentry, plastering, tiling, flooring, painting, and plumbing. Contracting can be stressful and time consuming when trying to go it alone, but this was all taken care of for Sandra. And, when Covid and plumbing issues caused delays, Mark’s team worked at weekends to keep the renovations on track.
The project progressed quickly, although Sandra did decide that she would prefer to always have one bathroom functional, so Mark changed the timeline accordingly. Because the initial plan budgeted for all work to be completed at once, this did have an impact on cost, but Sandra felt this was a better option for her.

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Monochromatic Magic

Sandra decided on a striking monochromatic look across all three spaces, and while each room had its own elements, the common palette provides continuity throughout.
In the bathrooms, contrasting elements are the order of the day, where modern black tapware and vessel top basins are a standout against the white shower, wall tile, and countertop. The floor tiling combines the two classic colours, with a damask pattern becoming a feature in its own right. A modern high sided tub is a beautiful addition, making the bathroom truly feel like a spacious sanctuary.
The black and white theme continues in the kitchen, with classic white cabinets and subway tiles contrasting with a black sink, tap, and hardware. The marble look countertop ties the whole space together. 

Final Thoughts

Sandra’s renovation is exciting and full of glamour. It combines a classic colour combination with modern features to deliver a truly striking look that brings the wow factor. Floors are often designed to fade into the background, but a monochromatic tile makes Sandra’s bathroom floors a key feature of the renovation. The clever contrasting between black and white across the tapware, cabinetry, and fixtures all add to the eye-catching look.
The kitchen is bright, clean, and modern, and continues the black and white theme to ensure continuity between key areas of the home. Both Sandra and Mark are thrilled with the result. “The contrast looks fantastic,” says Mark. “The tiling was a key feature, and it really stands out and makes for a dramatic look that Sandra loved. Renovating the key, hardworking areas of the home has really brightened and modernised the spaces.”
Supplies were sourced from Gib, Placemakers, and Resene.

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This project was completed in
May 2023
Project description
Kitchen and bathroom renovation
New Zealand
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Ensuring one bathroom was always available for use
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Damask patterned floor tiling
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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