A Contemporary Kitchen in Sunnyvale, Auckland

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This renovation integrated minimalist design and modern fixtures to transform the kitchen into a fresh yet welcoming space.

This renovation integrated minimalist design and modern fixtures to transform the kitchen into a fresh yet welcoming space.

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The Initial Consultation

Chris’ Sunnyvale home had previously undergone renovations. However, the kitchen was left untouched. Although he enjoyed his newly revamped house, the more time Chris spent in the kitchen, the more he realised it needed a modern upgrade too.
He was already pleased with his kitchen’s general layout but desired a space that gleamed with modern fixtures and style. So he reached out to local Renovation Specialist Dominic Hollands for expert assistance in bringing his vision to life.
Dominic introduced Chris to Troy Enderby, his project manager, who set out to provide a cost-effective solution for the kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Construction

By utilising his diverse network of industry professionals, Troy successfully completed the project to a high standard in 63 days. 
His strong connections with diverse suppliers, including Resene, GIB, and Mitre10, allowed him to use high-quality materials for the project, which came in bang on budget at $17,350.
During construction, the project faced one major challenge - the fridge was too large to be brought up the stairs. In solution, Troy arranged for the fridge to be scissor lifted into the kitchen via the deck. His expertise assured the project ran smoothly and that the kitchen was constructed with utmost professionalism. 

A Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen has been completely transformed with a minimalist design.
Crisp, white cabinetry and grey-toned wooden flooring bring freshness and a sense of sophistication to the kitchen. This lighter colour palette is warmed up perfectly with lighting that glows vibrantly under the kitchen cabinets. The addition is subtle but does a great job of establishing a comfortable atmosphere for cooking and relaxing.
Black and stainless steel appliances make fantastic modern improvements to the kitchen. Of the additions, the sleek downdraft extractor is a notable highlight.
As extractors can often obstruct and clog space, Chris opted for a downdraft extractor to maintain the minimalist design. Sitting behind the new induction stovetop, the downdraft draws in cooking vapours from across the kitchen to minimise smoke, grease, and odour. As the extractor is a pop-up vent, it can smoothly disappear into the counter when not in use, making it a perfectly seamless addition.

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Final Thoughts

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where friends and family meet to catch up and make memories. This welcoming environment is indeed a result of the renovation, which has completely re-energised the entire kitchen.
Chris is extremely pleased with the outcome, which features a minimalist design, a light colour palette, and sleek cabinetry. The kitchen was the final aspect of his renovation journey, and it will not fail to host beautiful memories for the years to come. 

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This project was completed in
June 2021
Project description
A kitchen renovation
West Auckland
New Zealand
Project duration
63 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
The fridge was too large to lift up the stairs
Interesting aspects
Textured subway tiling, brushed gold fittings, and industrial-style pendant lighting
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Dominic Hollands is Renovation Consultant of DJH Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in West Auckland.

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