A Beautiful Bathroom Renovation in Nawton, Hamilton

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A Beautiful Bathroom Renovation in Nawton, Hamilton

Looking forward to relaxing in her retirement, this homeowner transformed her bathroom and adjoining laundry from eyesore to elegance.

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Finding The Right Match

When homeowner Adele decided it was time to renovate her bathroom, she knew it was important to find the right team for the job. After several false leads, Adele met with Refresh Renovation Consultant Mark Docherty. She was immediately impressed with Mark’s presentation about how the Refresh process works, and his ability to key into her vision and outline all the exciting possibilities. His approach was in stark contrast to that of others who, Adele felt, had focused more on the restrictions and difficulties.
Adele had a few non-negotiables, such as removing the bath to create a larger shower, and her desire for black fittings. She was looking for something chic but also visually striking, and didn’t want the finished result to be “run-of-the-mill”. Mark didn’t hesitate to recommend his preferred bathroom supplier, whose range of stylish fittings included just what Adele had in mind.

Building The Vision

Even though Adele hadn’t priced specific items, she had allowed $30,000 for the renovation, a very realistic budget for Mark to work with. His project scope detailed everything that would be involved - design, deliverables, costs, tasks, and deadlines. Once Adele confirmed she was happy for the project to proceed on this basis, Mark organised his network of preferred contractors and suppliers to swing into action.  
With demolition underway, the builders made light work of removing all the original fittings and cornices and stripping the wall and ceiling linings. As work progressed, it became apparent that the floor had rotted and needed replacing. Behind the wall linings they also discovered asbestos left over from previous construction work. Having sealed off the area for investigation, Mark’s team calculated the amount of asbestos to be less than 10m², so they arranged removal and disposal themselves, enabling construction works to continue with minimal fuss.
A second unwelcome discovery occurred during the demolition phase: various walls were found to have been lined with either plasterboard or chipboard, both of which expand and warp in wet areas. Determined to build Adele a high-quality, long-lasting, bathroom, Mark used GIB Aqualine® sheeting to reline all surfaces, ceilings included.
During construction, in consultation with Mark, Adele decided to upgrade her hot water system to a gas infinity option. Her existing system was quite large and occupied valuable storage space. Switching to a more compact infinity system would not only give Adele more space, but provide increased water pressure, a pleasing prospect for her. Taking advantage of Mark’s team of waterproofers, painters, and tilers, Adele asked for her laundry, adjoining the bathroom, to be included in the renovation as well.
These upgrades, combined with the unforeseen asbestos, meant the final construction costs came in at $35,700. Mark’s project management skills and coordination of material delivery enabled Adele’s bathroom and laundry renovation to be completed in six weeks.

A Sophisticated Space

Adele is completely blown away with the result. Gone is the cramped and outdated bathroom and laundry; in their place is stunning monochrome artistry.  Adele’s choice of black fittings and white subway tiles from the Tile Depot creates a ‘light industrial’ look, but the execution by Mark’s team elevates the finished effect to one of high sophistication.  
Contributing to the finesse of this project are some tricks which, at first, seem to be insignificant, but are in fact very clever design solutions. The square-set cornices and choice of grout continue the integrity of the design concept and, being smooth and sleek, are also easier to clean than moulded cornices and white grout.   
Adele’s ‘light industrial’ look is not without decoration however, since the floors are tiled in a white-on-black Artisan Deco tile, which brings a robust, yet handsome element to the decor. To complete the vision is the pièce de résistance, the black ‘glass-factory’ single panel shower frame, bringing a hint of Parisian elegance to the look.  
Adele couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and her original decision to choose Mark as her Renovation Consultant was the crucial factor; Mark delivered everything that was promised, and more. Adele can now enjoy her retirement knowing that a run-down eyesore has been replaced by a beautifully built bathroom, curated specifically for her. 

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This project was completed in
May 2022
Project description
Bathroom Renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
Six weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
An old rotted sub-floor and asbestos removal.
Interesting aspects
The monochrome colour scheme and black shower frame.
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Mark Docherty is Renovation Consultant of Docherty Properties Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Waikato.

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