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Ever thought about where all the water is used in your home? Perhaps it would surprise you to learn that over one third of your water usage (about 40%) is consumed in the bathroom.

Saving water in your bathroom

Ever thought about where all the water is used in your home?  Perhaps it would surprise you to learn that over one third of your water usage (about 40%) is consumed in the bathroom.  About 10% of your total water usage per annum is flushed down the toilet!  Therefore, it is worth taking a moment to consider smart ways you can save on your water consumption in your next bathroom renovation, and what measures you can make to ensure you use water wisely.
Since toilets use such a large proportion of the water in the home, make sure your next toilet choice is an efficient water user.  All toilet suites sold in New Zealand must have a WELS rating.  The more stars, the more water efficient the suite.  Most Caroma toilet suites are 4 star rated, which means they use an average of 3.5L per flush.  This is considerably more efficient than almost all toilet suites that are 15 years or older.  In fact, they may have used anywhere from 9 to 11 litres per flush if they were only of the single flush variety. 
The most efficient toilet suite from Caroma is the Profile 5 Toilet Suite with Integrated hand basin, with a 5 star rating (using an average of 2.9L per flush).  This toilet integrates a basin into its design.  Fresh water is fed through the basin spout for hand washing after the flush.  The water from hand washing is then used to fill the cistern ready for the next flush.  Hence it is a highly water efficient option for those with limited water access (at the bach or crib) or limited space.
Showers are another area of water consumption.  The majority of showers on the market in New Zealand are 3 star rated, which means they use an average of no more than 9L per minute.  However, there is great variability and it is worth double-checking the water usage before buying.  One very efficient shower option is the Caroma Flow shower.  Generating consistent water flow quality, the highly efficient and patented Flow shower nozzle is engineered to deliver the same or better performance as a conventional nine litres per minute shower but uses only 6.5L per minute, saving water usage and hot water energy costs. The nozzle and geometry design disperses the water spray so that no holes or gaps are produced within the spray pattern. The shower surpasses all benchmarks for superior uniform spray coverage, distribution, and water force with an ultra low flow rate.
Basin mixers are another area where you can save a little on your consumption.  Most basin mixers are rated with a 5 star rating, meaning they use no more than 6L per minute.  There are a growing number of 6 star basin mixers that offer even greater efficiency (4.5L/min).  Examples of this are the Dorf Jovian Petite Basin Mixer, Dorf Arc Petite Basin Mixer or the new Dorf Kip Basin mixer.  For more details, visit the Dorf website.
Water saving, family friendly bathroom.
Finally, it is still worth passing to our children, the wisdom our mothers passed on to us about how to use water efficiently every day.  Words of wisdom such as:
- Only fill the bath with as much water as you need, using less for children or pets
- Check the temperature of the bath water as you fill it.  Adding extra water later, after it has reached the right level, to get it to the right temperature simply wastes water.
- Use the water after your bath to water your garden or wash the car
- Insulate your hot water pipes so that you don’t waste as much water while you wait for it to get hot enough
- Fix leaking cisterns and taps immediately to save water wastage.
- Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth

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