8 Top Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation

The ins and outs of bathrooms renovations and what to expect.

A large bathroom with a bath overlooking the back garden.

Renovations of rooms can be a big job, and there’s always issues that pop up along the way that you simply hadn’t considered before you were knee deep in the project. Bathroom renovations often involve a lot of plumbing, a lot of clean decoration and intricate attention to detail. 
In order to best take on your bathroom renovation prepped and ready for all eventualities, read our tip tops for success – and then get to work!
A large cream modern bathroom with freestanding bath

Budget Accurately – taking EVERYTHING into account

Standard bathroom redecoration can be done fairly cheaply, but when it comes to full renovation, things can get quite expensive. A basic renovation can be done for around the £1,000 mark but more complex or extensive jobs can cost anywhere right up to tens of thousands of pounds.
A common misconception with budgeting for bathroom renovations is that smaller items just aren’t accounted for. NKBA (The National Kitchen and Bath Association) advises that when bathroom renovation costs are itemised, much of the financial investment comes from otherwise unconsidered factors. While 29% is for plumbing and large fixtures, some 21% is for counters and surfaces, 20% for labour and 16% for hardware. This is before you add in required soft furnishings, paints and/or small fixtures and fittings such as shelving, ornaments and storage facilities.

Keep Communication with Contractors Open and Honest

When working with contractors, communication is critical to success. Never assume that your contractor or staff are on the same page as you and ensure that they have full and comprehensive instructions as and when required. 
While micro-management may not be the most appropriate or effective method for your contractors, you should at least supply them with your plans and any specific requests, as well as ask them to run all practical and purchase decisions with you before they’re made.

Remain Astute with Tub Choices

A major feature of the bathroom renovations we all see splashed across home and interior magazines is statement baths – freestanding, sometimes ornately sculpted, and almost always the focal point of the room.
Although they do indeed add a touch of luxury to any bathroom, it’s worth considering whether a dramatic freestanding statement tub is appropriate for your home before you opt to include it. If your contractors agree it is practical to plumb in a standalone bathtub, it’s worth trying one out before you commit. If you are petite or have mobility issues, it may not be the easiest to get in and out of, and if you don’t like cleaning, you may find it too high maintenance to manage on an ongoing basis. 
A very modern blue bathroom.

Don’t Forget Power!

Accessible power outlets should be a priority and should be included in any bathroom renovation.
Power outlets in bathrooms can be moved by an electrician as they would be in any other room. Keep them in appropriate places for your new furniture, fixture and fitting positions – so your electric toothbrush is still in easy reach of your sink, you can still see the mirror from your hairdryer position and your shaver outlet is close to not just a magnified mirror but also some decent lighting.

Plan Proper Lighting

Bathrooms often feel light and airy because they’re decorated in bright whites and lighter colours, but actually, the rooms themselves are often designed to only include small windows and minimal natural light sources; for privacy reasons rather than considering flattering lighting.
The most appropriate lighting to be used in your bathroom renovation depends on your room’s scope and requirements. A central diffuser light in a room can give a good bright hue throughout, but if your bath and other fixtures are already bright, uplighters may suffice. Ceiling-inset downlights should not be placed over light-coloured countertops as they’ll cause glare and anything above or in front of mirrors should be installed with care so as not to over-expose reflections.

Get Grouting

Grouting is rarely the primary concern of any bathroom renovation decoration but can really make or break the design. It’s practical, of course, but can also lend to the aesthetics – with plain white grout quickly falling out of fashion and black and other colours gaining in popularity.
Grouting can also complement your tiling. Aside from sealing out dirt, it can also enhance the tile design and really make your tiled areas stand out. You’ll also need to consider just how high a splash zone you need as well as your appetite for regular cleaning; white is well known for quick fading and accumulating mould and grime.
A black and white bathroom.

Optimise Space Sufficiently

Smaller bathrooms can be renovated just as well as larger ones – and there are now many things on the market that can help optimise the space on offer cleverly.
Petite WCs, shorter baths and smart under-sink storage units all combine to create small but perfectly formed bathrooms that offer form as well as function.

Go Green

Houseplants are one of the greatest interior trends of the 20s, but most of us think of putting them in living rooms only. But why not bathrooms?
Houseplants can thrive in bathrooms as many breeds of plant enjoy humid and bright conditions. Monstera plants, a current favourite amongst Instagrammers and interior designers, handle low light and damp conditions well and can quickly grow and flow in bathrooms. What’s more, it’s been proven that having plants inside can improve air quality and even reduce stress levels – much like having a long, luxurious bath… so laying in the tub can work on you twice as hard!
A bathroom should be a clean and relaxing space, and when once your renovation is finished, you’ll never look back. Planning out your refurb carefully is the key to managing your project successfully and ensuring you don’t hit any hidden bumps in the road along the way. Preparation will see you on your way and you’ll be lying back and enjoying your new room in no time at all. 
Some bathroom accessories and a towel next to a sink.

Why choose Refresh Renovation for your bathroom renovation?

We have worked on more than 1,000 renovation projects worldwide, and are the perfect choice for your project whether you’re revamping the bathroom in a studio apartment, a 1920s bungalow, or any other style of house.
Our team of experts will:
- help you design the layout, down to the smallest details like the height of the shower, the way the doors open or the position of the sink
- use our group buying power to give you the best quality materials for your budget
- co-ordinate all the tradespeople, project managing the renovation to ensure everything runs to your agreed schedule and budget

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