The Best Ways To Renovate And Remodel In 2023

How to renovate your home in 2023!

When you decide to renovate your property or undergo a home remodel, it is an excellent way to change your home to a style and look that you love, in addition to boosting its value. Here we’ve taken a look at some of the top trends when its comes to both remodelling and renovating in 2023 to give you some food for thought if you’re planning your own in the new year. 
Should You Remodel Or Renovate?
Although these two words are often used interchangeably, they are actually two quite different types of home improvement. This is especially important when you need a loan to complete the work, as contractors and lenders will offer different rates based on these two styles. 
When you renovate your property, you are updating a room with a new style and design so the function remains the same however it has a brand new look, including colour scheme and furniture. A remodel on the other hand means you are actually altering your home to change how it functions, for example knocking a wall down to create a kitchen and dining room in one open space. 
Let’s take a look at the best 8 remodelling and renovation projects you can undertake in 2023 to bring your property into the current trends in style. 

1. Make Your Bathroom Into A Spa

While modern bathrooms are clean and sleek places to relax, a current trend set to take off is a spa bathroom in your home. Here, you want to utilise soft and neutral colours to your advantage to detract from any busyness that bold colours can bring to a space, altering your state of mind to an equally hectic state. Add a large bath you can sink into, possibly with built-in jets to mimic a Jacuzzi, and add some deliciously scented candles and you’ll never need a spa trip again!

2. Bring Back The Bold

Wallpapering is fairly easy compared to painting an entire room, so why not head into 2023 with some bold and brilliant wallpaper choices. You can create a feature wall in your home, but more often than not a space is given a real personality of its own when you decide to cover all of the wall space in the same design. It is fairly budget friendly depending on which design you go for, but patterns with pops of colour are coming back into fashion this coming year. 

3. Let The Light In

When remodelling, don’t forget to pay attention to exterior features too rather than focusing solely on the interior. Adding a bank of windows across an external wall is going to allow light to flood the room and will also look great from the outside. If you don’t want multiple windows, then you can always opt for one large window to frame the outside view perfectly. You can go floor-to-ceiling if appropriate for the space, and when it comes to windows, bigger is usually better. 

4. Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Islands were once just an area for the family to gather, to eat breakfast, enjoy a snack or simply as some extra surface space for food preparation. Going into 2023, the time has come for islands to become so much more! The underneath space can accommodate so much and is often under-utilised. Why not consider adding your dishwasher to this unused space, or have a space to keep all of your pots and pans within easy access? 

5. Make Your Space Multifunctional

The past few years have forced many people into a permanent or partial WFH state, and this has caused many rooms to naturally become multifunctional. The kitchen can provide the perfect backdrop for your Zoom meeting and office spaces might benefit from an armchair or sofa to relax and power up for twenty minutes before you have to log back on to your workspace. The same is true of bedrooms, and many people are choosing to add coffee machines to get a caffeine fix. 

6. Create A Drop-Zone

When you walk in the front door from a day of work or school, there’s a real need for a drop-zone where everything can be placed as you enter the home. If you don’t have a dedicated room which could serve this purpose, you can make a mudroom zone quite easily in your hallway with the addition of a shoe rack or a coat rack for all your jackets and umbrellas. Don’t forget a decent sized bowl where you can throw the car keys and your wallet or purse. 

7. Efficient Storage

Most homes have adequate storage, however much of the time it is not functional enough to be able to store everything you need. There are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to boost the storage potential of your home without compromising on space. Why not integrate pull out shelving in the kitchen or bathroom, or have open shelving cubby holes in the bedrooms to store smaller items of clothes such as t-shirts and underwear. 

8. Consider Upgrading

Sometimes you might be happy with the overall look and design of your home, but it’s your appliances and electronics which are letting it down, so why not remodel them too? For example, a 40-inch TV might look good on a corner stand, but a 52-inch on a wall bracket would look amazing. That kettle and toaster you’ve had for so long can be replaced quite cheaply too. You can always sell your old appliances to put towards the cost of new ones so you’re never paying full price anyway. 

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