The Best Ways To Create A Cosy Snug In Your Home

Top tips in creating the perfect tranquil snug to relax!

Whether you call it a ‘snug’, a ‘cwtch’ or an Americanised style ‘den’, having a cosy room dedicated just to relaxation and comfort is something most of us are very much in favour of as the colder weather and dark evenings draw in. If you have the space for one, a snug could be just the room to add in to your home when you next renovate; so read on for our top tips in creating the perfect tranquil environment for one.

What exactly is a Snug?

Snug is defined as “more or less compact or limited in size, and sheltered or warm”.
In property terms, a snug is the most common term for a room set aside purely just for relaxation. It’s not dissimilar to a living room but unlike those spaces that are mostly focused on entertainment or socialising, a snug is primarily for snuggling up, getting cosy and feeling warm. While you may choose to do this alongside your family and friends, these rooms are often fairly small; as if too big they can feel a little ‘open’ and less comforting. Snugs are usually filled with soft furnishings and other items that bring the homeowner a sense of peace.

A Snug’s primary design considerations

There’s lots to think about if you’re planning on incorporating a snug into your home; especially when it comes to where it should be situated in the property and what should be inside it. Consider the following when working on your concepts:
- Who will be using the space?
- What do you want to do here? Should it be a screen-free environment?
- How much space can you or should dedicated to the room?
- Do you want to be able to shut the doors on the room to foster a sanctuary feel or should it stay open plan?
- Will the room be used for anything else?
From here, you can start to make decisions around the room’s proportions and shape, focal points, colours and theme, lighting and furnishings.

Snug Top Tip #1: Lighting is Key

A good lighting scheme can make or break a snug, as it plays such a huge role in the atmosphere of a room. Avoid bright, glaring overhead lights and instead look into light sources such as table and floor lamps, wall washers, strings or lights or hidden LED strip lights fixed into furniture. 
If possible, opt for a lighting system on dimmers so that illumination levels can be adjusted based on preference and mood. 
Candles are often favoured as a romantic, soft lighting type in snug-type rooms but these aren’t always the safest option with so many soft furnishings around. Consider instead LED candles – there’s lots available online cheaply and plenty of different designs.

Snug Top Tip #2: Prioritise Comfort

The snug should be a haven for those within the home to really feel like they can get away to, and so being smart with your furniture choices is key. Prioritise comfort with tactile fabrics, plenty of soft furnishings and the little convenience touches you may not bother with elsewhere such as footstools or ottomans.
The furniture in a snug, if to be used by more than one person, should aim to bring those people together and so it’s best to avoid anything oversized or too large; after all, you’re going for a sense of solidarity and comfort, not singularity and closed-off-ness.
Even if your existing flooring is hard, consider placing a shaggy rug or thick covering down to feel luxurious underfoot once people are within.

Snug Top Tip #3: Keep Colours Calm

A snug should be calming and restful, so this should be reflected in the colour choices you make for the room.
Depending on how much natural light gets into the space during the times you intend to use it, darker colours such as forest greens, chocolate browns and charcoal tones may help you slow down; but if you like something fresher, putty shades, soft neutrals or powdery pastels may freshen things up a little.
Consider the cocooning effect you want your snug to have and decorate accordingly. While the room itself is likely to be fairly small you don’t want it to feel oppressive or dingy, and so a theme should be adjusted to fit.

Snug Top Tip #4: Keep It Simple and Small

A snug shouldn’t be big, unless it’s likely to be used by a lot of people at the same time. A large space with lofty ceilings simply doesn’t convey the feeling of intimacy you’re looking to conjure up.
This does mean that a snug is an ideal addition to those with smaller homes, but you’ll still need to be smart with storage. Ottoman sofas or window seats with built-in storage can help house clutter and blankets, and wall shelving and fireplace alcoves can help add interest while keeping the floor free.
Ideally, you’ll want your snug placed as far away as possible from noisy rooms such as the utility room or kitchen or to invest in some soundproofing to keep the space relaxed. Lots of people even choose to have their snug in a garden room or summer house to really make it a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of daily life!

Snug Top Tip #5: Focus on Warmth

All rooms benefit from a point of interest; for example, often the television in a living room. A snug too can help create a feeling of natural direction with a single focus.
The most natural focal point for a snug is usually a fireplace; and the glowing embers and flickering flames of a fire are certainly good at creating a cosy aesthetic. 
However, if you don’t have a fireplace or aren’t keen on one, there’s lots of other options. Architectural features, a large piece of artwork, a mirror, a view outside or even a candle altar can be reflective, comforting alternatives.
A snug should be however is comfiest to you – so take your preferences and tastes, and run with them to the ultimate snuggly sanctuary in your home.

Ready to design the snug of your dreams?

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