The Best of 2020 Look Book - product trends at The Tile Depot

Observations by staff and analysis of sales at The Tile Depot has revealed an interesting trend.

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Despite the trials and tribulations of 2020, New Zealanders have continued their love affair with renovation and interior design. With overseas travel halted, periodic limitations on local movements and more time spent at home, it seems that Kiwis have been investing their holiday funds on upgrading their own surroundings. Introducing that sense of holiday luxe into their homes, with new bathrooms and kitchens, replacing floor coverings and updating outdoor living spaces. This has resulted in a steady demand for interior tiles, porcelain pavers and floating flooring.
Observations by staff and analysis of sales at The Tile Depot has revealed an interesting trend. Customers are becoming increasingly adventurous and creative with their floor and wall coverings with a dramatic diversity of designs being purchased. Traditionally most clients like to “play it safe”, sticking to neutral designs and more timeless interior trends. Over recent years there has definitely been an increase in the use of colour and texture, however, it would seem that in 2020 – “Anything Goes”, with a marked and dramatic increase in the volume of bold and stand out designs being sought. In particular there has been a notable increase in demand for high-end products, metallic finishes and those with a unique design, colour and texture.
Bold and stand-out spaces are becoming the norm not the exception and so in celebration of the creativity and diversity observed so far in 2020, the Tile Depot has released its first-ever Look Book. A “Best of 2020” issue that showcases some of the more popular and exciting products being used by clients. This is a free electronic document accessible to everyone and full of eye-catching and inspirational products derived directly from product sales. Hopefully, it inspires a continuance of the amazing creativity that is happening and leads to a second issue sometime soon.
If you love the thought of creating more character in your home through colour or texture, but have no idea where to start, hopefully the Look Book triggers some ideas and the Tile Depot’s friendly and creative staff can help you with the rest. 2020 may have been a difficult year so far, so it’s understandable that ‘treating” ourselves with renovated and refreshed surroundings has been so desirable.

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