The Benefits To Renovating Your Home In Summer

With summer approaching, we explain why this is the best time of year to renovate!

Summer home renovations

It’s that time of year where warmer days and longer evenings are a promise ahead… perking up everyone’s mood and leaving us all with a sense of hope for a long, hot summer. And while your first thoughts on the season may be of beach trips, BBQs and exciting holidays (finally!), those in the industry know it as ‘high renovation season’; that is, the best time of year for homeowners to have their renovations completed.
No matter the size or scale of a home renovation, summer is, for many reasons, often the easiest time to have the work take place. However, this does mean that renovation companies can get booked up quite far in advance across the summer months; so it’s best to get your job booked in asap! Whether you’re looking for some new floors, interior design, a fresh fitted kitchen or a whole house makeover, the warmest time of year is almost definitely the best time of year to embark on your reno journey – but why pick summer over spring, autumn and winter? Let us explain…

You’re less likely to experience weather-related delays!

Many renovation works are impacted by the weather and so the lack of rain, mud, wind, ice and snow in the summer months means that delays are far less likely. Whether it be roofing or bricklaying, there are a great deal of disciplines that are in some cases entirely unable to be completed in poor weather and so can add days, if not weeks to a project’s timeline. Even if your planned renovation doesn’t necessarily require a lot of (or any) outdoor work, warmer and dry weather means that you’re able to shift some functions and even furniture outside as required; and it doesn’t matter quite so much if you need to leave doors or windows open!

You can have a guest-ready home in time for Christmas

Christmas is a time for family and even if you’re not dishing up roast turkey for twelve or having the whole extended clan around for the big day itself, chances are you’ll be a beehive of activities and likely socialising at some point during the festivities. Preparing your home ahead of time for the holidays is always the best plan so that you have less to do nearer the time, and summer makes the best opportunity to do this – with plenty of time to spare, you can be sure that even if things don’t go wholly to plan that you’ll be ready. The most common renovations to be completed in the summer for consideration of Christmas are kitchen remodelling and dining room fit-outs. It’s also worth thinking about having a fresh bathroom installed, especially if it’s likely to be used by a lot of people through the winter months.

It’s easier to temporarily re-locate in summer

Where homeowners do need to find somewhere alternative to stay due to large works in their home, summer proves a much easier time to do it than winter. While, of course, hotel rooms and holiday homes are available throughout the year, the pace of life in summer with kids off school and more activities on to keep busy means that staying somewhere else can feel much simpler and even help provide some respite from the chaos of the property. Some homeowners even choose to go on holiday altogether across this period – after all, Refresh's Renovation Consultant can get hold of them by phone if required.

There’s plenty of planning time

A home renovation can be a big project – hard work mentally as well as physically, and a strain on the purse strings and the family dynamic! Some renovation types require architectural drawings, the formulation of a scope of works, schedule planning, contractor sourcing and the filing of planning permission applications. A Refresh Renovations Project Manager will manage the whole process end-to-end and take care of all of this, but there is some time requirement even for them to work through this. Scheduling a project timeline for the summer allows plenty of time for the Project Manager to tie up all loose ends well in advance before the work begins – and helps you get your head around what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen ahead of the event.

You can settle in

Dependent on the scale of a property project, it can result in rearranged furniture, emptied rooms, torn-down walls and a lot of dust. While the team should, of course, clean and clear away everything afterward, a new room (or two) takes some getting used to once the contractors leave and the whole place is yours again. Completing your renovation through the summer months leaves homeowners time to settle back in, make all the finishing touches to their rooms and feel at home again well in time for the longer, colder evenings through autumn and winter that see us all spend more time at home.

Outdoor projects can be used right away!

Every homeowner with a garden or outdoor space sees the benefit in it through warmer weather and post-pandemic, an increasing amount of homeowners are choosing to work on theirs; with landscaped gardens, decking, outdoor kitchens and summer houses all proving popular. If an outdoor renovation project is scheduled for early summer it can up and running right away – turning your summer days into summer weeks and maximising the opportunity for you to enjoy the great outdoors.
The right time of year for a renovation is whatever works best for a family and their home but there are a great deal of benefits to working in warm weather. Refresh Renovations operate throughout the year and are always happy to schedule in a chat, consultation or full scope of works. Get in contact with your local Refresh office today to discuss you reno requirements… come rain or shine!

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