Small Bathroom Ideas

Looking to renovate your small bathroom? Here are some ideas to maximise space and improve the aesthetic for small bathrooms.

Small bathroom idea, dark floor light walls and metro tiles

With a little bit of intuition and guidance, you can achieve anything no matter how much room you think you don’t have! Redecorating isn’t cheap of course, so you will need to budget and plan sufficiently to make these ideas come to life but don’t wait until your rooms have been worn down to unpresentable levels before you act. Decorate and install now with the aid of our helpful guide to accomplishing small bathroom excellence;

Shower Room Designs

Baths are big and bulky items that in a small room, may overpower everything else in it. If you are serious about space-saving then it’s time to get rid. You will be amazed at the amount of room created when you eliminate the bath structure from your small bathroom. A hinged door may restrict your movement so the way forward in a confined bathroom is to install sliding shower doors as part of your shower enclosure. Don’t believe the hype around frameless shower enclosure prices, there are deals to be found if you select the right companies which won’t require re-mortgaging your house to get.
If you cannot part with your bath, at least consider downsizing it. This way you can still enjoy a warm relaxing soak without the bath being the intrusive focal point of the entire room and be able to re-design and introduce other elements to the small bathroom space. A bath with a storage panel, for example, could provide useful alternatives and once again optimize space for other things.

Glass Shower Screens

Installing a shower screen in your bath is multi-beneficial. Curtains may be cheaper but they are less durable, will get dirty and decayed which inevitably means the hassle of replacing them constantly to maintain a fresh appearance.  In addition, the design can dominate a small bathroom leading to cluttering and lack of style. Choosing a screen instead prevents this, it will allow the room to breathe and appear much more spacious. Alternatively, replacing a bath with a shower may tempt you with a walk-in shower. This doesn’t have to cost the earth and can really open up a small bathroom by bringing a practical and elegant nature to the mix.

Wall Hung Toilets

A short projection toilet has less depth than a standard toilet therefore it doesn’t take up as much space; A perfect idea for small bathrooms is to maximize the opportunities you have surrounding your toilet. An often neglected item due to its purpose rather than it being an aesthetic acquisition or decor accessory. By ignoring the toilet’s potential, you may as well pour the contents of your wallet down it and flush. There are comprehensive amounts of available options including vanities, combination toilets and wall hung toilets, each could save both time and money whilst freeing up vital space in a small area. 

Bathroom Mirrors

You won’t find many if any at all, bathrooms without some sort of mirror. As with anything, size and space at your disposal will dictate the number of and indeed the size and design of the reflective components. In a smaller bathroom, you should consider combining important storage requirements with the necessity of being able to look at yourself. The easy option? A bathroom cabinet with mirrored door/doors. Multifunctional thinking is practicality required for a small bathroom refurb and this is the ideal way to achieve two objectives in one go. 
All bathrooms, whether it’s a large or small bathroom, feature at least one mirror. You won’t lose any style and can check yourself out before grabbing the appropriate accessory from within whilst looking straight at it and not moving from the same spot. 
Whilst you double-check you look your best, it is not just your image that will be reflected. The bathroom will feel bigger than it is because of all the light reflected by the mirrored cabinet. As a bonus, they come in a variety of styles and sizes and are not expensive in comparison to other bathroom luxuries you will come across. Utilizing a bathroom cabinet as a mirror is as functional and wise as a combination between your bath and shower or with your storage and vanity units alike. 

Creative Heating Solutions

Underfloor heating is not just for football pitches and famous stadiums. It can be a household luxury too and an extremely practical solution if you’re planning a new floor.  Underfloor heating is a great option for those looking to save money on their heating bills and as it’s hidden under the floor, there are fewer fixtures to add to the room thus giving you more space. Energy-saving it may be but due to the nature of the work, it will not be cheap as you inevitably have to rip the existing floor up for installation. Adding a stylish and modern heated towel rail can bring an element of a hotel to your home and can be less bulky than a traditional radiator, especially in a small bathroom where space is scarce at best.

Bathroom Lighting for Small Spaces

Luckily, one of the advantages of the small bathroom space is that it won’t take much or cost a lot to bring it to life with extra light. A modest budget will be able to handle even the most sophisticated lighting because of the limited area requiring the light. A productive combination of reflective surfaces and mirrored appliances in tandem with small, simple lighting will be extremely impactful. Factor in your chrome finish and you have a lighting result to satisfy even the most fussy of owners. It can all be enhanced by LED lighting which in turn will revamp your electricity bills too so the benefits of lighting up your bathroom are ongoing. Maximising light in your small bathroom maybe one of the cheaper choices you make but it certainly won’t be understated nor will you regret it once evaluating the overall impact it has on the room.

Tile Designs for Small Bathrooms

Perception is everything and you can manipulate the appearance of your small bathroom into appearing larger than it actually is by incorporating a few different tricks fused with some smart decor choices. The overall look can be enhanced and lead people to believe there is more space than there actually is if you use various tools at your disposal, mainly reflective decor which transfixes the eyes on light being transported all over the room via reflection from each appliance or decorative selection. Make the most of this method by using cheap bathroom tiles which won’t damage your budget but will be hugely effective due to their uber-reflective nature. To make your bathroom feel more open, contrast the floor and the walls by using a dark colour on the ground and then a light colour for the sides. The dark tiled flooring magnifies a pivotal point for the eye and the clashing light tile colours around it offer the room a larger appearance, when in truth, it isn’t. You can paint tiles to save money and choosing ceramic tiles will optimize the reflective look you aspire towards. 

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