Renovation Hacks for small apartments

Creative hacks in construction and renovation can make all the difference to turning your tiny space into the perfect amount of space, just by thinking a little more creatively.

Apartment views

As high-density living is on the rise, apartment sizes are getting smaller, but still require the same needs as their larger counterparts.
Creative hacks in construction and renovation can make all the difference to turning your tiny space into the perfect amount of space, just by thinking a little more creatively.  

Colour – or lack thereof

The easiest adjustment to any small space is a lick of paint. Typically speaking bright, light colours are going to help you keep the illusion of space when you don’t actually have any. Bright whites for the walls will help keeps things neutral and easy to work with for your base, allowing you to mix in your accent colours with the details.

Built-in hideaways

Storage quickly becomes your biggest issue when you’re living in a small space. Where do you put the unsightly things that will just cause clutter when your square footage doesn’t have much room to budge?
Clever cabinetry is your best bet, when renovating the space, consider areas of your apartment that could be used to tuck things away. Building cupboards that hide behind doors, is an easy one, an area that is scarcely used and can be easily hidden.

Metal framework or transparent detailing’s

Using items or details that aren’t solid help you keep in the light and create the feeling of space. Slim industrial piping work or metal to build frames for furniture, walls or steps, help keep the space open and gives a creative modern edge. Using other industrial- inspired materials like mesh to work as a divider or hanging space, or utilising exposed beams to create additional built-in shelving can create an interesting visual component and add texture.  


With multi-purpose items, you’re doubling up on what you need and limiting the amount of stuff you have. Constructing multi-purpose furniture with storage at the base or having items that can tuck into each other are the perfect space savers. A dining room tables on wheels move into your kitchen bench? Super easy and super practical to maximise floor space. Or building draws into the base of your bed? Prime real estate for storage.

Make use of hanging space

Hanging things from the ceiling is a great use of space that is otherwise redundant. Whether it’s shelves, pots, plants or a cleverly designed unit for a study or bed, looking up to get your reno inspiration is a creative use of space. Another easy hack is to work with hanging shelves, and bench tops for the kitchen, to create the illusion of more space compared their solid counter alternatives.

Think vertical

Making use of the up – and less of the wide, can help maximise on storage and purpose without taking up too much extra room on the floor. With some creative use of internal stairs, you could create whole elevated rooms that can work for sleeping, studies or storage areas. Same goes with shelving, build up a little higher to save on room and create the feeling of more height in the room overall.

Moveable units

Doors the slide and tables that hide, having units that you can manipulate to change your space do wonders when you’re square-footage lacking. Some pretty nifty designs have been done by working with sliding units that can be tucked away or hide other areas while they’re not in use. A popular choice is having a desk and shelf unit that can slide across your bed, or a doorway when needed. Or having couches or beds that fold down from a bookshelf or working area.

Divide thoughtfully

When your space is small you still want to create a feeling of division. Open plan can work for some, but for others it can be equally as important to divide spaces to give you a feeling of living and sleeping. Rather than using solid divides, building in bookshelves or architectural and multi-purpose dividers can save you space, keep the open feeling, while remaining a clever separation point. Or if you have no need for extra internal privacy, sliding glass doors can help to create distinct spaces while not giving you a feeling of being closed in.

It’s all in the materials

One of the easiest uses to ensure a spacious feeling is to include natural and bright materials where possible. Light or sand brushed wood is an airy material that can be cheap and help bring a little nature inside. Things like glass or resin can also help with the sense of light and openness.
Whether your space is a humble 50sqm or an even more humble 25, there will be plenty of creative ways to maximise on and create a winning and liveable apartment home.

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