Renovating in South London

Are you thinking about renovating within South London? The region has a lot to offer, from the green and family friendly Bromley through to the urban offerings of Croydon.

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Are you thinking about renovating within South London? The region has a lot to offer, from the green and family friendly Bromley through to the urban offerings of Croydon. Slightly more spacious than many other areas within London, the South provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy a spacious home with a garden. For young families, there are a variety of markets, parks, day-time activities and schools to choose from. If pubs, cafes, nightlife, business opportunities or arts and culture are what you’re after - South London offers all this and more.

What types of properties are common in South London?

If you’re currently looking to buy in South London, there are a wide range of apartments, terraced houses and detached properties on the market. There are plenty of Victorian, Georgian, new builds, and traditional designs to choose from, with a home renovation allowing you to redesign the property to your personal taste and requirements.  
House prices in South London are slightly more affordable than buying in Central London, according to statistics by Foxtons Estate Agent. According to Zoopla the current cost average of a house in the region is £691,118, which is currently on the decline.

When it comes to renovating, where should I start?

If you are looking to buy and renovate a property in South London, the first question to ask yourself is, why? Are you interested in restoring an older property and calling it home? Do you have your eye on a particular house but your family requires more space than it has to offer? Restorations, extensions, additions, conversions and makeovers are all completely feasible, as long as they are within your budget and meet the local building regulations.
Before you get into renovating your South London property, it’s important to know the basics. Any significant changes to a property will require planning permission, while minor changes and repairs are generally accepted under permitted development. If your project requires construction, you will need to look into applying for building regulations approval. These types of applications are best left to the experts - talk to a renovation consultant or your project manager for more information.

What types of materials should I use?

While you can expect pleasant temperatures of around 18°C in South London’s summers, snow is not unheard of in the winter. For style purposes, you’ll probably want to choose exterior materials that match the existing property; but keep durability in mind. Membrane or copper roofing are great options for South London’s climate. For cladding, consider concrete: it’s a natural insulator and is long lasting.
For the interior, don’t underestimate the benefits of good insulation and heating. Skylights are a great way to bring some natural warmth and light into your home, while triple glazing will help to keep the heat in. To save on energy, think about what rooms of your home will get the most use, and place your heating selections accordingly.

How can Refresh bring my renovation ideas to life?

The Refresh South London team are a collective of renovation experts and specialists led by a Refresh renovations consultant. The Refresh process means that our specialists accept renovation projects of any type, with every area of the renovation being carried out by a tradesperson who is an expert in their field. Scheduling and budgets are adhered to through our innovative project management systems and a Refresh consultant, your one point of contact, will ensure your renovation runs smoothly and professionally - every step of the way.

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