Planning new feature lighting for your home

Feature lighting can be one or more decorative light fixtures that make a statement in your home. It can be a chandelier or pendant, cluster of pendants, wall light or even a floor lamp.

Feature lighting in the kitchen
ARTICLE Stephanie Millar

Add a feature light! Feature lighting can be one or more decorative light fixtures that make a statement in your home. It can be a chandelier or pendant, cluster of pendants, wall light or even a floor lamp. But whatever type of light fixture it is, it should bring that special touch to your home. When choosing a feature light you should find something that you love and that you feel represents your tastes and style.
Identify the area or rooms that you want to add that personal touch to and then find a fixture to suit. Over a dining table is great for a feature light because it can accent your table setting. Alternatively, having the statement piece over a breakfast bar makes sense if you spend most of your time there. But remember, less is more: you don’t necessarily need a ‘showstopper’ piece in the dining room, lounge and over the kitchen island if you have an open plan home.
Once you have chosen an area for feature lighting, set aside a budget just for the light fixtures. This means that when you are building or renovating and your reserve funds are getting used up, you still have enough money for the special touches in your home. And be realistic about the cost of feature lights. A large scale, good quality light fixture can easily cost between $500 and $1,500. Some people like the look of a cluster of pendants, but the cost can really add up so plan accordingly.
If you need to cut back on the cost of your lighting, consider having budget lighting in the spare bedrooms, home office or laundry so you can afford the nicer feature lights in the public spaces of your home.
When selecting your feature lights, think about the actual light you need from the fixture and if it is suitable for the tasks you will perform near it. For instance, crystal chandeliers are very popular over dining tables, but most of them put out to little light for eating. If you really love the chandelier, then add a few down lights or spots on either side of it to highlight the dining table, this will give the illusion that the chandelier is providing all the light.
Finally, don’t settle for okay. Make sure you love everything about the feature light you buy since it will highlight your personality and style!

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