Loft Insulation Grants: Funding Eligibility Criteria

Find out if you would be eligible for a grant to insulate your loft!

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The British Government has long tried to encourage homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their properties through the use of grants; in order to make eco-friendly and more efficient solutions the norm and to boost overall efficiency ratings throughout the country. 
According to the Energy Saving Trust (often abbreviated down to just EST), a quarter of an insulated home’s heat is lost through its roof, so it’s no surprise that insulating a loft is one of the most common approaches to help avoid loss and to increase efficiency. Hot air rises, so it naturally exits homes upwards, but this loss simply increases energy bills for most of us, as we’re forced to crank the heating up further. 
Grants covering the installation of loft insulation can help save homeowners save significantly energy bills as they lower their level of upwards heat loss. The EST estimate that on an average detached house in the UK, £250 on bills can be saved as a result of basic insulation.
However, these grants are usually available for a fixed term and only for those who meet certain criteria. At time of writing, the following are all active and open to new applications:

The Energy Company Obligation (currently: ECO4)

The ECO scheme has run under many variations, but the most current version is ECO4. ECO4 places a governmentally-endorsed obligation on the country’s biggest energy suppliers to support low-income homes install energy-saving measures within their properties. Suppliers with over 150,000 customers in the UK have to join the scheme as a mandatory measure, but those below this level can voluntarily sign up.
Those who claim benefits or tax credits across England, Scotland and Wales may qualify, and applicants must either by homeowners or have permission from their landlord. An application is to be made online before a technical survey with a participating energy supplier is carried out, and this supplier does not necessarily need to the property’s existing one. This survey will identify the most suitable energy efficiency improvements that could be made to the home, and if the loft is uninsulated or under-insulated, it may well be recommended.
Every home has its own eligibility criteria, dependent on how many storeys it has and when it was originally built. If eligible, loft insulation could be free – but more complex installations may require a contribution toward the overall cost.

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex)

LA Flex is an extension of the ECO scheme and refers to an initiative where councils are able to widen the criteria for homeowners in their area looking for such grants.
The exact qualifying criteria is defined by local authorities but typically extends the support available to include those homeowners who aren’t necessarily on benefits or in receipt of tax credits but who are living in fuel poverty. Those who are pregnant or living with older relatives may also qualify.
LA Flex funding doesn’t normally extend as far as covering the full price of loft insulation installation, but can substantially reduce the cost. For details on your local authority scheme, contact them directly.

The Green Homes Grant

Technically, the Green Homes Grant is now closed, but applications can still be made for aspects of energy efficiency improvements under this scheme. 
The scheme in its entirely ran from September 2020 to March 2021, but was, of course, significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic during that period. As a result, where local authorities still have funds available, they can still grant them. 
Dependent on your local authority, you may be able to apply for up to £10,000 of funding toward loft insulation installation; but will require you to have an annual income of less than £30,000 and an Energy Performance Certificate property rating of D or below. To apply, contact your local authority directly to enquire.

The Nest Scheme

The appropriately-named Nest Scheme is a similar concept to the ECO scheme, but is focused on properties in Wales.
Low-income households who either own or privately rent a home and are in receipt of benefits or tax credits may qualify for full or partial funding toward energy efficiency improvements made in their property. The Welsh scheme does go a little further than the standard ECO, as it also includes those with certain health conditions.
Full eligibility criteria for the Nest Scheme as well as an online form for application submission can be found on the Welsh Government’s website.

Warmer Homes Scotland Grant

The Warmer Homes Scotland Grant is another funding pot aimed at helping low-income households and vulnerable people access grants for insulation, but also includes financial support toward renewable technologies and other energy-efficiency home improvements. 
In most cases, the Warmer Homes Scotland Grant will pay the entire bill for insulation installation for those eligible, but if there is a particularly complex project required for such integration, this may be only partial funding. 
The Scottish Grant does vary from others in that it is limited to homes no bigger than 230m² and the homeowner must have owned it for at least 12 months consecutively before any improvement works begin.

Other Funding Options

While there may be no other grants currently available specifically focused on loft insulation, there are other funds available to support homeowners in including energy efficiency measures into their homes. These include: 
- Heat pump grants – the Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides funding toward both air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps, both of which are notoriously expensive to install but provide vast benefits
- Internal insulation grants – schemes are available to provide financing toward the installation of insulation in cavity walls
- Window replacement grants – support programmes available to help households with the cost of installing well-glazed windows. 
If you’re unsure of what grants for support exist in your area, contact your local Refresh Renovations team. Our localised offices hold a whole host of regional knowledge and we’ll be able to advise on what may be most suitable for you!

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