Living Room Style & Accessories Guide

The living room is the most lively and lived in part of the home. Make sure it tells your unique story with the right colours and accessories to suit your style.

colourful living room
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Turn your living room into a stylish and colourful place to relax that is as comfortable as it  is inspirational.

How to design a colourful living room?

It’s not just walls that can bring in the colour - bright pieces of furniture attract even more attention. Whether it’s a pink sofa paired with a blue cabinet, the trend is to combine different colours. Choosing bright fabrics for sofas, armchairs and ottomans is a good option as they can be reupholstered in the future. Vases, cushions and rugs all add to the whole. These smaller items are typically a lot more affordable and can easily be replaced if you decide to change the look.

The key to it all working perfectly together is a white room - ideally top to bottom from ceiling to floor. Just beware that it can be harder than you think to find the right white. White paint can have a red, yellow, green or blue undertone; and it’s important to pick the right hue for your surroundings. It might pay to get professional advice and paint a test area.

Mirrors are a fun and functional way to add some interest, without distracting from your centerpieces. They brighten up even small spaces and reflect the pop colours of your furnishings. Go for one large statement mirror, or opt for an eclectic mix of different shapes and sizes as pictured here.

In the above picture: Oliver Bonas is based in The UK and ships to all countries globally.


In this picture: Tratto is the ideal choice for urban living spaces, thanks to stylish design and compact dimensions.

How to create a classic living room?

As classic as classic gets, a grey colour palette will give your living room a timeless, elegant look. Combine black, white and grey tones with sleek lines and simple forms. Less is often more, and this classic approach will help you keep your lounge streamlined and clutter-free.
Storage is important. Depending on your needs and wants, you could opt for open shelving, or for closed cabinets that keep things looking neat. Shelves in themselves can be an interesting feature though, so this style of storage may well become the focal point of your living room. Make the most of it with decorative boxes and other containers.
Geometric patterns are still super trendy and work in well with the minimalist look while adding some interest. Cushion covers are a great option here, as are tea towels, mugs and art prints. Keep things black and white, or add some colour via these accessories. Whether you are looking to display prints, postcards or photos, stylish frames are a must. Black and white works well here too, as does silver. Clear frames are another fantastic option.

In this picture: Luxaflex Duette shades - filtering light and insulating your home all year around.

How to design a cosy living room?

Snuggling up on the sofa has never been more fun than with a soft throw and an array of plush accent cushions.You can dress your room up and down, and it’s easy to add and change your colour highlights. Wool is an excellent fabric for a blanket or throw, as it will help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
Carpets and rugs add a real touch of warmth to a living room. Wool is an option here too, as are synthetic fibres and mixtures of both. Personal preference, the style of your home and heavy use can all influence what’s best for you. Getting advice from the professionals usually pays off. A few simple but elegant extras such as mirrored side tables or cabinets, leather chairs or wooden sideboards allow you to keep your favourite items at hand.
Finally, lighting plays an important role when it comes to cosiness. Ideally you should have several layers of lighting in your living room; for example, recessed ceiling lights combined with a floor light or a table lamp that can be dimmed down for atmosphere.

In this picture: Tempo sofa consists of several separate modules that come together to form linear, corner and peninsular arrangements.

How to create a stylish living room?

For a truly sumptuous and sophisticated feel, opt for a quality sofa that will stand the test of time. Quite frequently the centre of attention, the shape and colour of your sofa will set the scene. There are countless quality fabrics available, but when it comes to luxurious comfort leather is hard to beat.
Black and bronze accessories fit the glamorous look. They are neutral enough to let your sofa stand out, yet stylish enough to complement the look. Choosing the majority of your furniture in the same colour will also ensure a harmonious ensemble where all items seem to match seamlessly.
Aside from typical accessories - such as floor and table lamps, rugs, vases and cushions - artwork can play a major role in setting the mood. As shown here, black and white photographs work well with a standout statement piece.

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