Top 4 kitchen styles to choose from

As the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home – picking out what style and direction you want to take is a big decision. We've made it easy for you by putting together four of our favourite signature kitchen styles that each have their own personality. From modern and sleek to rustic and homely – which one would you choose?

A new kitchen with white benchtop


Minimalist kitchen style with dark background

Photo by Peter Bennetts and kitchen is Project M House

Pared-back and minimal is a look we all strive to achieve. It’s fresh, simple and clean so that it feels like we have our life together. With minimal visual clutter, it makes small areas have the illusion of lots of room.
Minimal doesn’t have to be boring. You can still bring out your creative flair, and forget about white being the compulsory colour of choice. Opt for varying textures, materials and shades of the same colour. This sophisticated-chic kitchen has used various shades of matte black and grey to create tonal interest.
You can also create imaginative lighting plans that will create shadows of light and dark, to be not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. Recessed integrated LED strip lighting is a great highlighting tool, especially for kitchen splashbacks. Create a separate switch for your strip lighting to your main system so you can choose to have soft lighting when getting up at night to get a glass of water.
You can still use colour with live greenery, vases and storage accessories that communicate your style, just keep it down to two or three favourite pieces.


Country kitchen style with flowers

Photo by Lincoln Barbour

The country-house kitchen is a classic look; creating a homely space where family and friends can gather.
Natural wood is commonly featured to ooze warmth and rural charm, making it extra inviting. Indented soft detailing in wooden cabinetry is a signature style that some homeowners can’t resist, as well as rich hardwood floors in long and wide boards with a non-sheen finish.
Don’t forget the traditional square farmhouse sinks that are hard-wearing and a highlight of the kitchen.
Rustic wooden beams on the ceiling really look the part. You can get prefabricated beams that can be intentionally installed to look like their real counterparts – without the need to be load-bearing.
We’re seeing a lot of country kitchens mould into modern beauties with wooden cabinets, cupboards, floors and ceilings painted in a white-wash or neutral tone, like cream.
This is definitely a space for plenty of batches of home-baked cooking!


A retro style kitchen with blue pastel cupboard

Photo John Lewis

Drawing on styles from the past, retro is all about injecting fun and quirky colour into your interior.
Choose to commit all the way with colourful paint finishes and solid bold cabinetry; or, if you’re thinking of selling short term or want to be flexible with trends, you can inset colour with interchangeable appliances like fridges and ovens.
Think black-and-white checkered vinyl floors, plaid curtains, stainless steel benchtops and enamelled steel cabinets with bulky steel handles.
It’s an eclectic look that can be old and new.
There’s flexibility with every kitchen style – no one kitchen is the same. Crème de la creme do a glorious range of funky cabinetry, as well as Smeg delivering retro appliances that fit with most styles.


Photo by Lincoln Barbour

Concrete, brick and steel finishes are perfect for an overall industrial-look kitchen. Opt for steel in pendant light shades, kitchen benchtops and in homeware appliances.
Faux concrete options are available to get that raw industrial look as a feature wall or benchtop. If you already have existing concrete foundations, the most suitable option is to either reveal or enhance the look with a polishing paint enamel.
Same goes for brick. Brick can also be used for an industrial kitchen, as it brings raw character to a space. You want it to look natural, yet conditioned so it looks the part. Faux brick options are available in either a vinyl or ceramic tile.
Resene delivers great clear finishes, like Concrete Wax for floors and benchtops and Concrete Clear for vertical areas, that will have your concrete and brick features looking new. Remember to liaise with your renovation specialist to find the right solutions for your existing foundations.

For more for a more comprehensive guide on kitchen renovations, check out: The Smart Renovator's Guide to Kitchen Renovations

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