6 steps to a great kitchen

As with all great journeys your kitchen renovation is a series of individual steps.

Kitchen design

As with all great journeys your kitchen renovation is a series of individual steps.
Step 1 - concepts: It starts by gathering together ideas, kitchen designs and your own thoughts to a kitchen scrapbook. This might be a physical book with written, printed and cut out ideas. Or for the modern world a collection of web links in a favourites file. This step can take as much or as little time as you like.
Step 2 - draft measure up: Measure up your available space. You will find useful measure up guides online including at www.peterhay.co.nz. You will need a professional measure later as part of the kitchen design process however it is important to make a start on your design. The available space might include the removal of walls and other building works like windows and doors. Measure as if these were already complete.
Step 3 - appliance selection: Importantly also make a list of the appliances that you are intending to build into your new kitchen and these need to be factored into the kitchen design. Model numbers are usually enough to find the accurate dimensions on line. Your kitchen cabinets will need to be able to accommodate these, whether they are new or recycled from your current kitchen.
Step 4 - kitchen design: A kitchen designer will help you with choices in colour arid texture. Often it is more sensible to add colour and style with finishing touches, like wall colouring and splash backs, leaving more durable surfaces like cabinets & benchtops in timeless neutral colours. As a result you can revive your kitchen again in a few years. You may contact your kitchen designer, or if you choose to work with Refresh we can provide this as a complementary service through our supply partner, Design Studio.
Step 5 - professional measure up: This is where details of crooked walls, floors and other very detailed measures will be taken. This is a really important step to minimise frustration and expense later on. We recommend that your builder or kitchen installer complete this exercise so that responsibility lies with them. Ideally the site is clean of the existing kitchen at this point however this is not often possible in a typical renovation. After this measure, the kitchen design can be tweaked if required and right components of the right dimensions can be ordered.
Step 6 – build: A kitchen renovation is a complex project involving nearly all sub trades (builders, kitchen cabinet installers, electricians, plumbers, and potentially gas fitters). Finding contractors, clearly briefing each contractor on your requirements, and coordinating schedules is extremely important to ensure activities are completed in the right order, and that mistakes and potential rework are minimised.
As a final check before you proceed, you should have your chosen installer check your kitchen designs to ensure they can actually be installed in the space available. If you are managing the project yourself, your designer may have already suggested an installer, alternatively visit Peter Hay for someone close to you.

Prior to cabinet installation, existing services like power and plumbing will need to be disconnected. After these services have been disconnected, it will be safe to remove the existing kitchen. Remember to make plans to dispose of the removed items thoughtfully.

Any remedial or upgrade building work needs to be completed before the cabinetry can be installed. We recommend that flooring and painting is completed prior to the kitchen being installed. Touch ups to the paintwork following installation may be required however it is a lot easier if the bulk of this decorating work is carried out without a new kitchen in the way.
Depending on your choice of benchtop material and style this may be available for installation on the same day, or a measure can be taken for benchtop manufacture after the cabinets are in place. The earlier the measure is taken the sooner your new benchtop will arrive.

After the benchtop has been installed, plumbing and electrical services can be restored and the cabinet installer will typically return to make some finishing touches. These may include installing the toe kicks and straightening the doors and drawers. Any outstanding work at this point should be agreed in writing with a date for completion.
If this all sounds a little daunting, Refresh can manage the kitchen design and build process for you, including the removal of waste. The advantage of this is the project will be undertaken efficiently and cost effectively, and you will have only one point of contact in the event that any issues need to be addressed during or after the project.
Whichever way you choose to go, your new kitchen is now ready to provide years of enjoyment and service to you and your family. You can take pride in the direction that you have provided in its creation.

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