How to achieve the celebrity house look

Whether it's their fashion sense, relationships, indiscretions, or diet fads, we're always looking for the inside scoop on the rich and famous. Much of what is published can be dismissed as fantasy, but there is a sense in which celebrity magazines can be useful, and that's in keeping tabs on the latest interior design trends. How do you decide what's achievable and what's unrealistic? Kelley Malcher of Surrey builders Refresh Renovations has the answers.

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As a nation, the UK has a fascination with all things celebrity. Whether it’s their fashion sense, relationships, indiscretions, go-to restaurants or current diet fads, we’re always looking for the inside scoop on what makes the rich and famous tick. And at the heart of it all are the lifestyle magazines which showcase new arrivals and satisfy our appetite for this week’s gossip about anyone and everyone in the spotlight.
Much of what is published can be dismissed as fantasy, but there is a sense in which such celebrity magazines can be useful, and that’s in keeping tabs on the latest interior design trends. So how do you know what’s hot and what’s not? And how do you decide what’s achievable and what’s unrealistic? Kelley Malcher of Surrey builders Refresh Renovations has all the answers.
‘At Refresh we focus on helping homeowners in Surrey and Hampshire to create a vision for their property and then to bring it to fruition. The process usually starts with an initial meeting to discuss the planned renovation or extension, and that consultation is designed to look at the client’s objectives and assess their individual requirements and tastes. Once we know what we’re trying to achieve, we can assist with the design and build from a technical and project management perspective, but we also venture into the realms of interior design and incorporating those touches that not only add value but also offer a real sense of indulgence if that is what the client is seeking.
‘We encourage our clients to avoid ultra-modern, on-trend designs because we believe that a renovation or extension should stand the test of time. Our approach is usually to favour designs that fuse the contemporary with the classic, but we’re ultimately guided by the client. In essence we regard our role as working alongside them to achieve the best possible result for the budget available by interpreting the brief, making recommendations and negotiating with all the relevant suppliers not only for the materials, but also for the fixtures and fittings. We take great care in selecting the suppliers and brands we work with and immense pride in delivering exceptional results every time.’
So what are our top ten features to add a celebrity look and feel to your renovation or extension?

1. Sun room

One consistent feature of celebrity homes is the use of natural daylight, and nowhere does this come into its own more than in a dedicated sun room. Whether it’s used for relaxing, playing or working, a sun room really can bring the outside in and lift the spirits when flooded with sunshine. A conservatory can be a more affordable option than a sun room, Find out more about how we can help you add a conservatory to your home.
luxury sun room

2. Pizza oven

There’s nothing like a spot of al fresco dining, and wood-fired pizzas cooked to order are high on everyone’s list of party must-haves. Pizza ovens can range from the simple to the elaborate, so it’s worth giving some thought to the size and position as heavy-duty lifting equipment may be required for installation.

3. Home cinema

Bringing the big screen effect into your home is more popular than ever, and configuring an extension or garden room to recreate that cinema feel is less expensive than you might think. With the latest surround sound systems and high-definition screens, it’s easy to offer a genuine sense of escapism for the adults and little ones.

4. Rolltop bath

Pure indulgence can be achieved with a freestanding rolltop bath, not least because it can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom and can thus afford a sense of space. If you’re in a rural setting, imagine creating the layout and design of the bathroom to place your freestanding bath by a window overlooking stunning open countryside... Find out what can be achieved a with basic, medium and high-end budget
freestanding bath

5. Shoe room

It’s not uncommon for shoes to take over the wardrobe or the hallway, so why not consider creating your very own shoe room, with ample racking to accommodate every pair? As well as keeping other areas of the house neat and tidy, a shoe room can allow you to categorise every pair by style, size or colour...

6. Wine cellar

If your property has the potential, designing and filling a wine cellar can be a brilliant way not only of storing your growing collection, but also of creating added interest and intrigue. Exploring a cellar can be great fun, and even more so if you’re rewarded with a perfectly kept bottle of red, white or rosé. (We wrote an article on what to expect when adding an underground wine cellar in the UK

7. Firepit

Long, lazy summer evenings are always enhanced with a beautiful fire, and when it comes to firepits the only limit is your imagination. Planning the location and designing the firepit are just part of the fun – lighting the fire, staring into the glowing embers and indulging in leisurely conversation into the early hours are the real benefits.
firepit outside house

8. Bar

A tasteful home bar can become a feature of any extension, so it’s worth taking time to plan both the design and the functionality. With careful thought and a little creativity you’ll end up with the perfect focal point for any future house party.

9. Walk-in wardrobe

The walk-in wardrobe is a staple of any celebrity home, so why not treat yourself? With planning and foresight it’s simple to allocate areas for hanging, shelving and shoe racks, and if there’s space a full length mirror and comfortable seating merit consideration. find out  the costs of a adding a basic, mid-range, or high end walk-in wardrobe
walk in wardrobe

10. Glamorous home furnishings

There’s no doubt that it’s the finishing touches that can make all the difference if you’re seeking a celebrity look and feel, especially as the furniture and accessories will set the tone. Whether you’re craving a contemporary or classic look, we’d recommend investing in a few primary items of furniture – or even a single accent piece – and building around that with a range of complementary colours and textures. And if you’re looking to create an immediate impression, then a piece of signature art will do that in a heartbeat. Above all, however, allow everything sufficient room to breathe – there’s nothing worse than cramming too much into a limited space.
luxury furnishings
Refresh Renovations UK have builders in Surrey offering design and build services. We're able to help you incorporate the elements of celebrity homes in your home and create the same effect. Get in touch today using the enquiry form listed alongside, or if you would like to submit a more comprehensive enquiry, you can do so on the Get In Touch page.

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