How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bedroom in the United Kingdom?

In this article, Refresh shows you what's possible when renovating a bedroom with three different budgets. We'll also cover what to expect and where to save. Read all about bedroom renovation costs.

Modern bedroom renovation
Article: Carol Watson

A low-end renovation of your bedroom doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, by shopping around, doing some research and online comparisons, and taking advantage of department store sales, you can achieve a basic revamp of your sleeping space for as little as £1,000. In the UK, there is an increased availability of low-cost furniture and home-wares from our well-known retail chain stores, making the latest trends in interior design readily accessible to everyone.
Taking it to the next level, where you tackle most aspects of the room such as new furniture and flooring, expect to pay in the region of £3,000 for a more complete result.  Shopping for a mid-range renovation will take you to the specialty stores, where you can expect better quality bedroom furniture and homewares. When it comes to the upper end of the scale where you revamp the entire room including an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, the outlay is somewhat higher, and depending on your choice of fittings and finishes, expect to pay in the region of £40,000 for the ultimate sanctuary. Bespoke and custom-made are on the agenda here.

Bedroom renovation on a basic budget

New Basic Bedroom with a dark wall
So let’s look at a low-end makeover. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, window frames, door and skirting boards will instantly transform a tired space. If you have the time and patience, this is a job you can tackle yourself. With no labour costs, an outlay of about £150 will cover paint, brushes and any other supplies. A licensed and professional painter will charge between £15 and £20 per square meter, which includes minimal surface preparation and the paint. Filling in cracks or skimming the walls will incur additional charges. If you wish to paint architraves, skirting and doors you will pay the upper end of the sqm rate. At an average size of 10sqm for a bedroom or as much as 18sqm for a master bedroom, your professional painting costs are likely to be in the region of £350 - £500.
With a fresh, clean palette, add colour and texture with new bed linen and scatter cushions.  For £50 to £60, you can dress the window with ready-made block-out curtains or blinds, available from chain stores and home decorator stores. Simple sheer curtains, at a fraction of the block-out price, are another easy solution to enhance and frame a window.  
Carpet on the bedroom floor adds warmth and comfort underfoot. If your budget won’t stretch to replacing the carpet, a rug, in a colour that compliments the existing carpet, will do the trick. As a general rule of thumb, the rug is best placed under the bottom two-thirds of the bed with more generous spacing at the foot of the bed. Shop around for the rug you love and if you can’t decide, many stores will give you the option to take home and try before you buy. Alternatively, shop online for the best deals. Sites like have regular sales, a great selection of sizes and styles and are quick to deliver.  
If the bedroom furniture needs to be replaced, consider a low-cost bedroom package from a store like Fantastic Furniture. With queen packages starting from £600, your room is instantly transformed with a new bed, bedsides and a tallboy usually included in the package.
Basic bedroom makeover cost
From £3,000

Bedroom renovation on a mid-range budget

Mid Range bedroom renovated
With a mid-range budget you have the funds to do a bit more, so start the process with a freshly painted room and incorporate a focal point, such as a wallpapered feature wall behind the bedhead. There are several options when it comes to wallpaper; the days of just vinyl wallpaper are long gone and as we continue to strive towards a sustainable world, manufacturers have risen to the challenge of creating products that are VOC free and made with water-based inks. Pre-applied adhesives make it a much easier task to hang wallpaper, a job you can do yourself, or your painter/decorator will install it at an hourly rate starting at £25ph. The industry standard is a 10metre roll for wallpaper and you will pay anywhere from £25 per roll and as much as £60 per roll for high end, designer brands.
To recarpet the floor, a low-cost nylon carpet is priced at £10sqm whilst wool carpets will start at £60sqm. As an eco-friendly natural solution, a stain-resistant wool carpet is considered the better option offering comfort and warmth underfoot whilst being long-lasting and easy to clean.
A freestanding wardrobe, with hanging space and shelving, is a simple solution to storage requirements. Expect to pay around £200 for a solid pine wood piece, or consider one of the flat-pack solutions, which gives you a multitude of options. A basic two-door unit, with hanging space, can be bought for as little as £80 but for most of us, a combination of hanging space, shelves and drawers is necessary. Prices start around £450 and move into the region of £700, as you add options and accessories. Alternatively, a built-in wardrobe will maximise the use of floor to ceiling space and can be tailored to fit around the nooks and crannies of an irregular shaped room. Starting at £800 for a basic 2,400h x 2,400w wardrobe, the price will escalate depending on size, accessories and the finish, such as low-cost melamine or the more expensive polyurethane. Fresh, new bed linen, European pillows, an assortment of cushions and a throw will complete the cosy atmosphere of your mid-range renovation.
Mid-range bedroom renovation cost
From £10,000

Bedroom renovation on a high-end budget

renovated high end bedroom
A high-end renovation requires a big financial investment but this will be reflected in the outcome, with a room that speaks luxury, and relaxation. The ultimate sanctuary, where you unwind, and shake off the trials and tribulations of the day. A walk-in wardrobe and dressing room, spacious ensuite, the touch of a button to dim the lighting, adjust the room temperature and open or close the blinds. Custom-designed furniture and designer brands create endless possibilities.
An investment of £10k -£20k will cover a total renovation of an ensuite bathroom. This includes waterproofing, tiling and the replacement of all fixtures and fittings.(See high-end bathroom renovation cost)  Recreating a walk-in wardrobe with new shelving, drawers, hanging space and shoe storage, will cost around £5k. Factors such as the quality of materials, whether you install wardrobe doors or keep the storage open, size and number of mirrors and style of lighting, will influence the actual cost. (See full walk in wardrobe cost estimate) Allow £10k for a suite of bedroom furniture but this is very much a matter of personal taste and style. You can spend as much as you want to achieve the room you desire.
A combination of dimmable ceiling lights and bedside lamps or pendants are a must in the bedroom to create a softer ambience and again, cost will depend on your personal taste but allow £2k to cover these fixtures and fittings.  A motorised blind on the windows with a sheer curtain overlay will enhance the luxurious atmosphere of the room. A custom-made motorised blind on a 1200mm x 1800mm window will start at £200 whilst a sheer curtain will cost around £100. Fabric quality, window size and number of windows will determine your actual cost. With all the hard work done, complete the look with the final expenditure in the region of £400 on some luxury soft furnishings such as Soft Egyptian cotton bed-linen, a new Doona, a textured throw and feature cushions of different shapes and sizes, as whimsical, or as practical, as you want them to be.
With all the hard work done, complete the look with the final expenditure of say £500 on some luxury soft furnishings such as Soft Egyptian cotton bed linen, a new Duvet, a textured throw and feature cushions of different shapes and sizes, as whimsical or practical as you want them to be.
High-end bedroom renovation cost
Looking for inspiration? Check out this bespoke bedroom and ensuite renovation in Surrey - completed for £16,000. 

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