How much does it cost to re-roof your home on a high-end budget?

If you've got a budget upwards of $20,000, your re-roofing project can be the perfect opportunity for you to repaint and re-gutter at the same time. We take you through the options for a high-end re-roofing.

Shingles being installed
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If you’ve got a budget upwards of $30,000, you may be considering adding more rooms to your home and therefore more roof metreage or, if your home requires it, this is the perfect time to repaint and re-gutter at the same time.

Why choose shingles and slate?

“If someone’s got a healthy budget I would suggest shingles or slate,” says Jim Gleeson of Refresh Renovations. “You could also look into aluminium or membrane roofs.” Shingles come in some attractive woods like the Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar or New Zealand Radiata Pine available at “Allow a budget of $160 per m2 for cedar shingles,” says Jim.


Slate tiles have been used for centuries and are revered for their durability – they last around 100 years. The buzzword here is quality as some imports have been found to have a high iron content, which can rust. According to Jarrod Gillespie of Macmillan Slaters & Tilers another thing to watch out for is imitation slate tile which is crushed slate glued together with resin. Our harsh UV light down under means there’s a chance they could fail within 10 years. “When it comes to slate people need education,” he says. “The main thing is to do your homework and get a very good quality slate with very low iron and pyrite content.” He goes on to say that if slate is too steep for your budget he recommends a really good French clay tile. “These still look great and will last about 75 years,” he says.

Who should I talk to to re-roof my house?

“Most roofers specialise in certain materials,” says Jim. “It could be tiles, long run iron, membranes or shingles.” This means research is the name of the game. All re-roofing requires a licensed professional au fait with building codes and OSH regulations. Slate and shingle tiles in particular require a craftsman. “It requires a lot more detail and works out to about three times the labour,” says Jarrod. 
A modern roof with shingles

Do I need to maintain my new roof?

As with all roofs, shingle and slate tile roofs should be inspected every two to five years to check for broken or cracked tiles and underneath the roof at non-visible elements. “From the ground everything can look good, but underneath the flashings or internal gutters may be decaying,” says Jim. “The main part of the roof never fails first, it’s always the edgings and flashings. This can be due to a build up of grime that the rain doesn’t wash away or an area that always contains moisture and can never fully dry, as a rule these are the areas that tend to fail first.” 

How much does it cost to re-roof with a high end budget?

As we’ve said in Re-Roofing Your Home On A Basic Budget, or Re-Roofing Your Home On A Mid-Priced Budget roofing costs are generally costed out on square metreage basis. Allow $160 to $200 per m2, slate and shingle tiles cost more. At McMillan Slaters, Jarrod says you will be looking at $300-$400 per m2 on average and $180-$400 for French clay tiles inclusive of installation.
According to the Australian Roofing and Building Source the following is a good rule of thumb to follow: 
The cost of the roofing materials ranges from $140 – $165 per 100 m2 while the cost of labor ranges from $150 to $270 per 100 m2.
The roofing labor depends on the following:
- Pitch of the roof 
- Height of the home
- Home design
- Layers of tiles
- Size and experience
- Soffit vent and decking

Note: prices are rough approximations only, and Renovate Magazine or Refresh Renovations cannot be held accountable for their accuracy. All prices in this article are exclusive of installation costs and any variations unless otherwise noted. 

If you have a tighter budget, make sure you read about Basic Re-Roofing or Mid-range Re-Roofing.

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