How much does it cost to add a scullery on a high-end budget?

If you are working with a high-end budget, your possibilities when creating a kitchen scullery will be endless. From customised cabinetry to bespoke solutions for storage, here's a scope of what you can get done.

A lightening luxury kitchen with sculleries
ARTICLE Clare Chapman 

If you’ve got the budget, creating the perfect scullery can deliver a whole new experience in the home. Everything from stone benchtops to customised cabinetry, bespoke solutions for storage, charging stations, areas for homework or baking … the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.
A high-end scullery or butler’s pantry often has some visual presence. So, while they are generally designed to be areas secondary to the main kitchen and able to be closed off, if they are going to visible or other people will be using them, considering what sort of design approach to take is a good first step.
This means, whether or not the aesethics and materiality of the main kitchen are followed through in the scullery. For example, stone benchtops, stainless steel appliances, and lacquer cabintery. “This isn’t generally possible with lower budgets but with high-end sculleries, the visual aspect becomes important,” kitchen designer Hayley Dryland says.
“Stone and stainless steel are the premium products and when we’re designing high-end sculleries, these are the sorts of materials we’re generally looking at. At this end of the market most clients choose to have closed storage areas to avoid dust. The most important thing though, is to consider how the space will be used. 
“Are you an entertaining cook? If you are, does that mean you want many of the appliances out the front in the main kitchen. Or, if you’re someone who wants to hide the workings of the kitchen out the back, then you need to consider what will be placed where. 
While some people want to use sculleries as a full kitchen, doing most of their food preparation in a separate space, others may prefer to have their food preparation areas on display. If the functionality of a scullery is to be a workable cooking and food prep area, space and size are important. If it’s too small, the scullery can quickly start to feel like a confined area, which is not ideal. 
A high-end kitchen with wooden floor and white theme
Dishwashers are an item that are often placed in the scullery but if that’s going to be the case then a nearby sink is a necessity to avoid traipsing dishes from one area to another. If the fridge is in the scullery, or if there is a second fridge, then considering what needs to be placed near that is important too. 
If space is not a limitation, large work spaces and functional, easy to reach storage is often a priority. Pull-out shelving is becoming popular, and various options are available to ensure each available space is maximised with pull-out corner cupboards and innovative carousel solutions. 
For families with children, having messy areas for homework, for the schoolbags to be hung or for devices to be charged and lunches to be made in is another area where high-end sculleries can deliver bespoke solutions for a family’s needs. 
According to Dryland, a high-end scullery can be achieved for anything from around $8,000, varying greatly of course, depending on specifications, function and design. 

If you have a smaller budget to work with, why not read basics sculleries and mid-range sculleries.  

Note: prices are rough approximations only and Refresh Renovations cannot be held accountable for their accuracy. All prices in this article are exclusive of installation costs and any variations unless otherwise noted.

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