How do I go about building a granny flat

They might sound old-fashioned, but granny flats are one of the hottest trends in Australian construction right now. We've answered the most popular questions when it comes to creating a granny flat.

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Some people want to create additional living space for grandparents or adult children, while others hope to boost their income with the addition of a rentable granny flat or secondary or ancillary dwelling, as they are also known.
Interested and want to find out more? Check out our granny flat Q&A:

How can I find out if I’m allowed to build a granny flat?

Your state government website will outline the rules and regulations for granny flats in your region. Rules vary from state to state. For example, granny flats can be rented out to tenants in the ACT, NSW, NT, TAS and WA, but can’t in QLD, SA and VIC. Regulations change so it’s important to get correct, up-to-date information.

How much space do I need to build a granny flat?

Granny flats are usually a maximum of 60m2 and are only permitted on blocks of 450m2 or more.

What does a granny flat include?

A granny flat should include rooms or dedicated spaces for eating, relaxing and sleeping plus a bathroom and laundry area. It also needs plumbing, electricity and gas as well as heating, cooling and insulation. A quality build is important to ensure the comfort and safety of the people who live here.
A granny flat in Australia

How do I know which granny flat is right for me?

Working with a design and construction company like Refresh Renovations will help you get the best granny flat for your budget. We take care of design, concepts, ideas and consents – and manage the whole process for you.
At the start of the project, we’ll discuss the purpose of the granny flat and make sure your design ticks all the boxes. For example, if your granny flat will be a home for older people, you may need to incorporate safety features such as ramps, grab rails and wider doorways as well as wheelchair or walker accessibility. A living space for older teenagers or adult children might benefit from space saving features, such as loft beds.
If you want to generate rental income, we can advise on typical tenant needs and make sure your granny flat fits the brief there too.

How do I get planning permission for a granny flat?

A: As with any other building or renovation project, start with your local Council. You will probably need to submit a DA, but some states, such as NSW, where there is a shortage of affordable housing, have a fast track approval system for granny flats. Straightforward DAs for granny flats in NSW are typically processed in 10-20 days.

How much do granny flats cost?

Expect to spend at least $120,000 (+GST) for a quality granny flat with all the amenities of a modern home. This cost can vary depending on where you live and the price of local materials and labour, but it’s important to understand that the addition of a low quality or poorly designed granny flat can reduce rather than increase the value of your home.
Our Refresh Renovations Specialists in Western Sydney say:
‘The average price for a nice granny flat is around $120,000 plus GST. For something a little more custom, expect to pay around the $130-140,000 mark, plus GST.’

How can I make sure my granny flat appeals to renters?

Our Refresh Renovations Specialists advise homeowners to focus on details.
‘Maximise your space - you can only build 60m2 for a granny flat so make the most of it. Separate utilities (where possible), add solar panels and battery, and water tanks (most councils will insist on this). Renters will pay more for these additions, especially solar as power is so expensive,’ he says.
He says a well-planned granny flat can help earn its keep.
‘Make sure you pick the right design for your block of land and fence off the granny flat to separate everything and allow each party to have their own space and room for pets. The right granny flat in the right location could bring in as much as $500 a week, if not more.’

How can I ensure my granny flat adds value to my property?

Make sure you get a quality build in a style that complements the principal home. This should help ensure the granny flat is seen as an asset when the main home is sold. It will also be more attractive to tenants.

How do I get started?

Want to get going on your granny flat? Why not get in touch with Refresh Renovations today? We take care of the whole process and working with us ensures you’ll get a quality granny flat delivered on time and on budget. Find out more about working with us here.

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