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When people think of the Gold Coast most picture the tall apartment buildings of Surfers Paradise, but the earliest dwelings were built inland in the 1860-70s, and were mostly farmhouses. These days, local property types include brick-built homes from the 1980s and 1990s, 20th Century bungalows, mid-century houses and flats, as well as more contemporary builds.

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‘We are blessed to live in our world of skies, endless beaches and a warm sub-tropical climate,’ says Brooke Patterson of Refresh Renovations on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast in Queensland (66km from Brisbane), is Australia’s largest non-capital city and has a population of close to 640,000. With around 300 days of sunshine each year, visitors and residents enjoy outdoor activities and water sports all year round

What types of property are there on the Gold Coast?

When people think of the Gold Coast many picture the tower blocks of Surfers Paradise, but the earliest homes here were rural farmhouses built inland in the 1860-70s. These days, the range of local property includes 20th Century bungalows, mid-century houses and flats, brick-built homes from the 1980s and 1990s, as well as more contemporary builds.
The Goldie, as it’s often called, offers excellent opportunities for renovators. In fact, according to the Master Builders of Australia, $155 million worth of renovation projects were approved during 2016-17, up 10% on the previous year.
Brooke says there are many homes that are ripe for renovation in the area.
‘There are a lot of Gold Coast suburbs, from Paradise Point to Palm Beach where there are large numbers of properties built in the 1980s and 1990s. These homes are now 30-40 years old and there’s huge demand for new kitchens and bathrooms and redesigning for a more modern open layout. People also want to open these places up to create user-friendly family living areas and better indoor/outdoor flow.’
Some properties come with challenges.
‘An issue people may come up against in older homes is asbestos’, says Brooke. ‘Also, as most are built on concrete, rather than the wood colonials of Brisbane, moving plumbing can add costs. And with a move to open plan, structural elements need to be considered in design.’

Do you have any tips for renovators on the Gold Coast?

Brooke says the advantages of renovating can be enormous, but it shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.
‘It really helps to plan and design the full renovation at the outset, even if you plan to do the work in stages. Planning your renovation piecemeal won’t give you the best result.’
She advises renovators to avoid false economies.
‘You might think you can save a bit of money by doing something, like demo work, yourself, but it can turn out to be the least efficient way to get the job done. If you do your own demo, it will probably take you longer and you’re more likely to get dust and debris everywhere. Our specialist team will get it done as quickly and cleanly as possible. The advantage of using a team like Refresh, besides the expertise, is the cost savings efficiencies we create through real-time project management. Our customers have online access to our project management portal so they can see what is happening, and going to happen, every step of the way.’
It’s also vital to work with people you trust, says Brooke.
‘Creating your home is a personal, emotive process. It’s essential to work with people you relate to and can trust, so the process is a positive and rewarding one.’

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