Get Creative with Plastering

When homeowners plan their renovations, plastering is rarely the first consideration. Have a read of how to get creative with your plastering.

A room that has been freshly plastered.

Of all the aspects of interior design that homeowners google, plan and consider creatively, plastering is rarely the first. Yet the power of good plastering can have a vast impact on any space. As more of us embrace this discipline, we see trends emerging – so if you haven’t thought about it already (and we understand if you haven’t), now is the time to consider what plastering could do for your living space this summer, autumn and winter.
You may choose to plaster your home or bring in a specialist. Either way, plastering can be a quick and easy way to transform a whole room; and there’s some environmental benefits to it too. Read on to learn more!
A textured plastered wall

Go Grey

Old grey-toned plaster has been overlooked in recent years in favour of bright white and milky creams, but there’s a lot to be said for contemporary grey. Named one of the two ‘Colours Of The Year’ by colour specialists Pantone, grey makes for a great base for vibrant colour pops and goes with just about any hue of furniture. It can be contrasted with white plaster or used on its own to give the impression of a block wall or lowered ceiling. 

Make A Statement With Ceilings

Statement ceilings with swirls and spikes were favoured through the later 1980s and early 1990s, but with children around and high furniture, these features inevitably ended snapped off and in crumbs on the floor within a few years; with many homeowners opting to smooth out their ceilings rather than encounter any further fuss. 2021 is bringing back the statement ceiling but with new designs: geometric patterns, false beams and abstract shapes.

Add Texture

Interior designers are beginning to add texture in to plastered walls by drawing lines and designs directly into the plaster as it sets. Designs can be totally bespoke and unique, and can add layers and depth to walls that otherwise wouldn’t be there. This effect particularly ‘pops’ when bold or neutral furniture is set against it to highlight the patterns.
A plastered room

Polish Plaster

Polished plaster is a look often found in hotels and restaurants but rarely in homes and living spaces. Lending an almost marble aesthetic to a wall, polished plaster creates a striking and luxury effect without needing to resort to tricky wallpaper or expensive re-modelling. Typically paired with Italian Stucco type interiors, lightened, it can be paired with more contemporary furniture and rooms for a modern feel. Polished plaster makes for a fantastic replacement for walls that would otherwise be tiled such as kitchens and bathrooms. With no broken lines for (often disintegrating) grout and no need to worry about getting the wall damp, polished plaster gives a seamless finish that simply can’t be managed with tiles for tiles sake!

Or The Opposite… Get Raw

Raw plaster and distressed walls continue to grow in popularity, although so far only the bold seem to have opted for this in their own homes. Where a room is a single colour, a distressed wall can really stand out and when combined with warming pink and red tones, creates a warming feel. Contrast with black for an artisanal aesthetic, or keep as much as possible in the same colour (with differing tones) to create an arty feel.

Add Tracery For A Talented Touch

Plaster tracery can be mounted to existing walls and ceilings for a ‘cheats’ method of adding art décor to the home without having to invite in an artisan. Traditionally available in Roman-esque type designs, geometric patterns and mix-and-match shapes are emerging in popularity through interior design sectors, and we’re seeing homeowners get creative with paint palettes too to really make their plaster stand out.

Seek Out Inspiration

OK, so not many of us spend much time googling plastering techniques – but why not?! Social media networks such as Pinterest and Instagram consistently present new ideas, designs and tones that can help give inspiration for your own home and interior aesthetics. Unique ideas and interiors are all over the internet… it’s just likely you’ve not really been looking! If involving a tradesperson, be sure to give them as much info as possible and talk through what’s realistically possible in your own space.

Embrace Some Curves!

2021 is the year of curvy and fluted shapes, and these are already playing out across the pages of interior design magazines and catalogues. Curvy furniture is streaming in to shops in place of strict angular lines and even sofas are becoming more shaped. Homes embellished with period features and furniture benefit from an extra opulence with shapely plastering, but for those of us with more traditional modern homes, it lends a new texture to sometimes otherwise plain living spaces. There are lots of different types of plastering application that result in differing shapes and curves and when combined with different textures, the possibilities are truly endless.

Go Green

We don’t mean green coloured plaster, but rather energy efficient plaster! Plaster acts as a great insulator across walls and ceilings and the thicker the better when it comes to keeping heat in. Plastering firms are already placing more emphasis on the environmental benefits of good plaster, and we’re beginning to see developments in the actual construction of the plaster products to this end too. The exact results to be expected depend on the thickness, quality and texture of the plaster, but a tradesperson will be able to advise on specifics.
A room ready to plaster
So, there you have it: plenty of ways to perk up your plaster. As 2021 progresses and we all have the newfound appreciation for our living spaces that so much enforced time indoors has brought us in 2020, the interior design industry continues to flourish and grow with new trends and themes throughout. Whether traditional or contemporary, bold or bright, there’s a plastering trend for everyone… you’d just never really thought about it before, had you? 
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