Charging into the future

The growing demand for electric vehicle-friendly homes is great news for those renovating or building because getting the pre-wiring in early on your projects will save time and money for everyone down the track.

Electric vehicle charging at residential garage in NZ

For new builds or major renovations, there’s new equipment appearing in plans that can deliver added value for savvy builders, electricians and homeowners.
Electric Vehicles have come a long way in a short time and with nearly fifteen thousand electric cars currently on New Zealand roads, and the NZ government’s objective to have 64,000 electric vehicles on the road by the end of 2021, it’s a not a matter of if, but when demand for domestic electric vehicle chargers will skyrocket.


The growing demand for electric vehicle-friendly homes is great news for those renovating or building because getting the pre-wiring in early on your projects will save time and money for everyone down the track.
All that’s required is a dedicated circuit from the switchboard to the garage or carport. By running the appropriate cable and using a temporary faceplate at the outlet, your home will be future-proofed for electric vehicle charging when you - or the next owners - are ready. 
Smart builders and electricians are recognising that all new builds should be prepped for the electric vehicle wave and retrofit solutions will involve additional cost and upheaval for homeowners.

Dedicated Gear

Driven by the prospect of huge fuel savings and reducing environmental impact, many prospective electric vehicle owners will be focused on the car more than the charging.
The best option is a fit-for-purpose charging station, supplied by a dedicated 32 amp, Type-B RCD-protected circuit such as PDL by Schneider Electric’s EVLink Wallbox.
Schneider Electric says the EVLink Wallbox can charge vehicles multiple times quicker than using a normal socket and make the whole operation safer for homeowners. 
Ongoing concerns around heat produced when charging from a conventional socket outlet remain.  However, the EVLink Wallbox is designed to manage heat over several hours of operation providing a significantly safer charging process.
EV owners intending to charge their vehicles in a carport also face challenges. Schneider’s EVLink Wallbox is robust and weatherproof so can handle being exposed to the elements, is lockable to provide access only to the owner and includes a theft-proof power cable.
EVLink Wallbox also introduces delayed start charging if connected to a timer, which allows homeowners to take advantage of the cheapest, off-peak power rates and prevent dramatic power bill increases.

The future is now

With the raft of considerations that accompany building or renovating a home, what vehicle will be parked in the garage within the next ten years won’t always be high on the priority list. The great news is that even if an electric vehicle is a future consideration, the preparation for it couldn’t be easier and will pay off in the long run. Homes that are pre-wired for electric vehicle charging offer a huge value-add when it comes to re-sale.
New Zealand is a recognized world leader in the production of renewable energy so it’s about time we lead the way in utilising it. With our short average daily driving distances and ready access to renewable energy, there’s no doubt that electric vehicles are here to stay. 
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