How Much Does A Mid Range Bathroom Renovation Cost In Australia

Getting ready in the mornings will never be as much fun as in a newly renovated bathroom. With a bit of clever planning and the right choice of products, you'll be able to create a stylish space that's value for money.

Mid-range bathroom renovation with simple taps and a bath.
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A mid-range bathroom renovation in Australia typically costs $30,000-$50,000. There’s a wide range because of the huge variety of fixtures and fittings available; the price of trades can vary from stage to stage and because every property is different so the amount of work needed to achieve the same standard of bathroom will be different too.
Having said that, there are ways to keep your costs in check. Read on to find out more – or check out our budget and high-end renovation estimates.

Should I change the layout of my bathroom?

Before you do anything else, have a good long think about whether or not you need to change your bathroom’s layout. Moving your bath or shower, vanity and toilet usually requires replumbing and rewiring, which can be expensive and may mean you need a budget closer to the upper end of the range. However, it’s a worthwhile investment if it means the space will better suit your needs.
A mid-range renovation typically includes a new bath, shower, vanity and toilet plus extractor fan, towel rail, tiles, paint and flooring. The larger the area you want tiled, the higher your costs, so if you like the look of floor-to-ceiling tiling or are dreaming of a wet room, you’ll need to shop around to find a great deal on tiles to stay within your budget – which your renovation consultant can help you out with.
bathroom renovation with new layout
Australian interiors are often very influenced by what’s happening in European design. Large format tiles are a major trend there at the moment, so are something to consider if you like the European look.
Now is the time to think about whether you want to include any other features, fixtures or appliances. Consider your storage needs at this stage too.
When buying new, be sure to look out for the most water – and heat – efficient appliances. Sustainability is now at the heart of good design, so choosing water and energy wise appliances definitely doesn’t mean compromising on style – and could save you money too.

How much does it cost to add a wet room?

Australians’ love affair with water continues in the wet room – a fully waterproofed area where the walls of the bathroom are, in effect, the shower walls. One of the big advantages of wet rooms is that they create the illusion of spaciousness in even modest sized bathrooms. The effect can be enhanced with wall-mounted basin and toilet fittings and by limiting surface finishes.
wet room bathroom with concrete walls
Ensuring the wet room is completely waterproof is a must. Surfaces must be waterproof from ceiling to floor and extend a minimum of a two-metre radius from the showerhead.
Your renovation consultant will enlist the services of a surveyor who can advise if additional waterproofing is needed for the underlying wall and floor structure. Tanking, for example, is a waterproof layer applied underneath the chosen surface finish, providing a further layer of protection against leakage that could cause damp or even dry rot.

What vanity and fitting options do I have?

Double bowl vanities are perennially popular; they look good and are supremely practical. Shaynna Blaze of ‘The Block’ and ‘Selling Houses Australia’ recommends renovators choose neutral tones for the permanent elements of the bathroom. So if you fancy a change from basic white, think about a vanity with a timber finish, which would still be neutral but would also add texture and warmth to your scheme. Whatever your choice, make sure it has plenty of storage so you can keep your new bathroom clutter free.
bathroom renovation with bespoke vanity

What lighting options do I have that suit my budget?

Consider lighting as soon as you have your bathroom layout planned. Make the most of sunshine through windows (tinted or frosted to protect privacy if necessary) and/or skylights that help draw natural light down the walls and reduce the incidence of mould.
bathroom renovation that captures a lot of natural light
Supplement natural light with good ambient lighting, as well as appropriate task lighting. Accent lights, such as feature pendants, are currently in vogue in Australia – but position them carefully to ensure they won’t cause a hazard.

What kind of tiles should I use?

The range of bathroom flooring choices has never been greater. Choices include tiles, timber, vinyl, laminate, stone and concrete. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to consider all the options before deciding. If you love the feel of underfloor heating on winter mornings, be sure to factor this in when making your choice.
Bathroom renovation with wood-look porcelain tiles

Depending on your budget, you might like to read about bathroom renovation options with a Basic budget or a High-end budget.

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